Term paper Opportunity recognition

I want to tell you about my experience in business opportunity recognition. It is about creation of the online store. In fact, it’s a great opportunity, since they provide a chance without large investments to get a large number of customers, by offering them the possibility of remote ordering and delivery of goods. I got the idea to create an online store for pizza delivery from local pizzerias. This idea came to me when once I wanted to eat pizza, but did not want to go far in my favorite restaurant. And then I realized that I wanted to get delivery of pizza from Pizzeria to my home. But, of course, most restaurants do not have such services. And then I realized it was a good idea, and an opportunity to organize a delivery of pizzas from different pizzerias. The ease and the potential success of this business is understandable. This idea is very simple, because there are a lot of pizzerias that are happy to sell their pizzas to a large number of buyers. That is, cooperation with several pizzerias gives the opportunity to offer customers a wide range of products.

It is necessary also to say that there are a lot of potential customers of the shop, because it is a) convenient, b)cheap and c) easy. Ordering pizza in online store, customers can get a fresh hot pizza to their home or office. This option is convenient for office workers (as a variant of lunch), for home parties, or for those who just want to eat tasty pizza, and do not want to go to a cafe or restaurant. And also it should be noted that prices in the internet store are cheaper, not because of low costs. The costs of online store are small in comparison with traditional retailers, because online store, located just on the Web, has:

– no sales areas for the organization of sales rooms.
– no costs for the rent,
– no costs for employees,
– no need for huge warehouses to store goods.
These factors allow online store to sell goods with a minimum margin and below market prices. That is, we can conclude that online store is fairly easy, simple and not very risky way to make own business.
In conclusion I like to note that around us there are a lot of ideas and exciting possibilities for business, you need only learn to see them and realize.


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