Career essay

Computers have inevitable entered our lives: they are used in virtually every sphere of human activity. Moreover, Internet has become a separate communicational environment and a repository of knowledge essential for every more or less educated person. Computing skills are as necessary as the skills of reading, speaking and calculation.

Consequently, computing skills and experience play a significant role for career opportunities, and are vital for those who want to pursue a career in any profession. The aim of this essay is to discuss the importance of computing skills and analyze their application on different professions nowadays.


The computer is an essential tool in many professions now, and it is entering the new areas with the development of technical progress. To complete basic everyday tasks in modern society and to proceed along the career ladder, it is necessary to possess several basic computer skills, such as using the operating system freely, transmitting, saving and converting data from various mediums. Also, for virtually all employees it is necessary to use word processing, use internet for searching and downloading information, send e-mails, print documents and use basic networking means. For some professions, it is useful to master graphic programs, spreadsheets and database engines.

Connecting various devices to the computer, tuning them and exchanging information are also important.

For various professions, there are specific computer skills that are likely to be required. For example, for administrative workers the use of basic software and office applications, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, is necessary. In sales and marketing sphere, in addition to text editors and spreadsheet software, the use of programs working with graphics and presentation is needed (for example, Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint etc). Editors and designers may need special software for preparing document layout and website publication, like Quark XPress and DreamWeaver. There might also be specialized programs, fro example, for internal accounting needs, corporate messengers and forums. Using all these facilities is obligatory for those who want to success in pursuing a career.

Additional computer skills, such as fixing the problems with operating system, working with antivirus software and general understanding of the working principles of personal computers gives a lot of advantages for those who wish to be successful in business. Computer skills allow to be engaged in a greater number of tasks and to become more efficient at work, to complete tasks more quickly and accurately, to access additional resources and information as well as upgrade education and learn new features of the chosen profession. Therefore, the person who possesses good computer skills and has a lot of experience of working with computers has better learning potential and is likely to become a candidate for a wider range of job opportunities, or to future promotion.


Computers are everywhere, starting from offices up to cars, transport terminal and home settings. Without basic computer knowledge, one would get lost in the information age. For getting betting career opportunities, it is necessary to have at least skills of using most popular software and operating systems; for advanced opportunities, especially for technical professions, it is useful to have basic hardware knowledge as well as skills of installing and upgrading components and software. In general, computer literacy is going to become the major and vital literacy worldwide. Computer skills develop an individual’s learning potential, increase efficiency and therefore the presence of computer skills and experience promises better career opportunities.

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