Celanese Chemicals and Others Essay

Communications play increasingly more important in the contemporary world. The introduction of modern telecommunication technologies opens larger opportunities for the development of business, improvement of management and increase of the efficiency of the organizational performance. At this point, it is worth mentioning the introduction of wireless technologies which are successfully implemented in different industries, including chemical and car manufacturing, finance and investments, and retail. In actuality, wireless technologies provide companies operating in different industries with considerable benefits compared to conventional technologies.

First of all, it is important to underline that wireless technologies allow companies to save time and, therefore, to save costs. This trend is particularly obvious in the chemical industry. The analysis of effects of the introduction of wireless technologies in Celanese Chemicals reveals the fact that the introduction of hand-held devices and wireless LAN technology facilitated consistently the work of salespeople of the company in the field. Moreover, the introduction of these new technologies, especially the wireless technology, proved to be particularly effective in regard to speed maintenance at chemical plants of the company. In fact, the introduction of the wireless technology allowed the company saving time due to the improvement of the effectiveness of the communication between different units of the company and its plants. To put it more precisely, to convey the information throughout the plant or to control the process of the production, an employee of the company did not need to leave the workplace to contact his or her colleague or a manager, or to survey the process of production. Instead, it was sufficient to control the process of the production via wireless LAN and the communication between employees as well as between employees and manager could be effectively maintained in the same way.

The same benefits of the use of the wireless technologies could be found in the automobile manufacturing companies, such as General Motors and its Cadillac and Buick assembly plants. Along with the increasing speed of the communication and production process employees of these plants could entirely focus on their work. For instance, forklift operators increased their productivity to 60 70 deliveries a day that is twice as much as much as they normally did. In the contemporary business environment the increase of speed and efficiency of the production brings considerable material profits. No wonder GM estimates about $1 million savings due to the introduction of the wireless technology. In addition, it is important to enlarge the use of wireless technology and implement it on all production levels. In such a way, it will be possible to develop management strategies, launch new projects and implement them in practice involving all specialists via wireless LAN. As a result, the realization of the project would be more effective since all professionals involved in their realization could maintain the permanent contact, consult each other and take decisions in the result of the consultation without leaving their working place and using the wireless technology.

The implementation of the wireless technology in finance and investments is also very efficient. In fact, it is even possible to estimate that the wireless technology can be even more effective in finance and investments than in manufacturing. The efficiency of the wireless technology is determined by the specificity of finance and investments.

Obviously, finance and investments does not involve directly any material production. Therefore, the analysis of financial information, collection of valuable market and company data, the analysis of this information and the process of taking decision are crucial for finance and investments. All these process can be facilitated consistently through the introduction of the wireless technology since the information can be delivered in a shorter time and practically immediately. Moreover, it is possible to share the financial information with a larger of specialists concerned and, therefore, this information will be processed more effectively, while decisions taking will be more precise and carefully prepared. Today, the introduction of the wireless technology has increased the financial activity and, what is more, it facilitated the communication of companies with their customers due to the wireless technology. As a result, customers can constantly maintain contacts with their company and get information and services they need in time. But the wireless technology has larger opportunities which have been just mentioned above.

In this respect, it is possible to use the experience of the retail industry, where the wireless technology has been already implemented successfully and where this technology has been used for the longer period of time compared to manufacturing or finance and investments. The wireless technology allows retailers improve inventory accuracy, fight fraud and increase sales. Potentially, the wireless technology may be used even more effectively. For instance, it is possible to use the wireless technology for the development of customer-company relationship and reception of customers’ feedback by customer relations managers.

Thus, it is obvious that the wireless technology is very effective and it has been already successfully applied in different industries but its full potential still remains undiscovered.

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