Changing Our Neighborhood essay

Concerns about the growth of juvenile delinquency exist throughout the world. Of course, there has been a positive trend in this matter in many countries in recent years, but the problem of juvenile delinquency still requires a careful approach to the understanding of its roots, and development of different ways to resolve it. Connecting the problem of juvenile delinquency with changing our neighborhood, it is possible to say that the roots of many criminal acts committed by adults can be found in their childhood or adolescence; thus, changing the life of children today, we can make our community and neighborhood better in future. In such a way, we are going to discuss the way how it would be possible to change our neighborhood and community for the better.

To begin, it is important to say that the problem of employment of minors in their free time is still actual problem in our society. Many children have a lot of free time after their classes, but they cannot find positive ways how to realize their potential, and this leads to the growth of juvenile delinquency. As a result, imagining myself as a change agent, I would open a place where kids can both play and learn. It seems to me that such a kind of activity would help children to develop their natural and intellectual qualities, and it would also help parents to keep their children off the streets.

Observing possibility to open a place where kids would have all the opportunities to be involved in different activities, I can say that this kind of activities not requires a huge sum of money or a presence of unlimited resources because even parents, who have free time and have specialized education, can be tutors in this place. It can be a kind of center, where not only children can implement their talents in practice, but also their parents can find a lot of interesting things to do with children.

In addition, it is very important to stress the fact that the problem of juvenile delinquency will never cease to be relevant. Everyone understands that the lack of attention to juvenile offenders today will result in a surge of adult crime after a certain time. Thus, a place, where children would be involved in socially important activities, can reduce the growth of criminality in several times. Moreover, Jonson-Reid (2004) stated that being a part of a mechanism of social development, children would be protected from the negative impact of surrounding reality, when street gangs may offend any person at any time.

According to Geiger & Fischer (1995), many scientists, psychologists, teachers, and researchers came to the conclusion that children have become more violent and angry in recent years, and every year the situation is getting worse and worse. The reasons for this phenomenon are very simple: violent movies, violent video games and the Internet form the child’s mind and give various serious unfavorable consequences in their combination. It is true that a street has a powerful influence on children, and a school really can not resist it, but the appearance of additional institute of socialization in the face of additional center where children can play and learn could change situation for the better in rather short period of time.

To conclude, there has been discussed a way to change our community and neighborhood for the better by the opening a place where kids would be free from negative impact of streets, and would have opportunity to grow as talented and well-educated people.

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