Character diary

Today our routine was brightened up with news. A nobleman in the town, gentle Paris asked Juliet’s hand in marriage. My little mistress, the prettiest babe that I ever nursed grew very quickly. I actually didn’t notice when she turned into a young, beautiful lady to become one’s bride. I can remember each day and each hour I nursed her. It’s an honor to my girl indeed. My fervent wish is to see her married once. I pray God to help her to seek happy nights to happy days.

* It was an awfully tiresome day. We were preparing for the supper all day long. Everything had to be perfect to please the guests. And I think we did manage. The supper and the party were wonderful. My dear mistress Juliet seemed to have had a special day. She was anxious much. Was meeting with her future bridegroom the reason for her anxiety? Or was it that young man, Romeo Montague, the only son of our great enemy, who came as a stranger to the party and seduced lady Juliet?

* Juliet, dear girl, has changed much since that supper. Now I see definitely why she was dreamy and pensive. She couldn’t but tell her old nanny in secret about her feelings. She fell in love with that Romeo at once. Let it be so, and I will support my girl in any case, even if she wants me to be involved in their unwise plans to get married in an underhand way. I just hope he won’t lead her in fool’s paradise. I’ll go and find Romeo Montague to inquire him what Juliet asked me to say.

* What a long and tiresome journey I had! My head and my bones are still aching. Lady Juliet was as much impatient as never before. What haste! Didn’t she see that I was out of breath hurrying up to bring marvelous news to her? Friar Laurence and Romeo have arranged everything properly. Little Juliet is getting married! She must have already got to friar Laurence’s cell to find her beloved Romeo there and be married. Our angel does deserve to be happy!

* It seems to me I helped Juliet to get such husband as Romeo is not in vain. Romeo is an honest, courteous, kind and handsome man indeed. Yea, lady Juliet has made a simple choice. His face is better than any man’s and his body”¦ he is past compare”¦ and what is more, he is as gentle as a lamb. They are a perfect couple. Their limitless love and undying devotion would make everyone burst with envy! It was so amusing to anger her sometimes and tell her that Paris was the properer man for her. She looked as pale as any clout in the world. May the Lord help them!

* Alack the day! Romeo, who ever would have thought it! I saw the wound with my own eyes. Oh, Tybalt, the best friend I had! Why should I live to see the dead? There is no trust, no faith, no honesty in men. Romeo’s hand shed Tybalt’s blood! His bloody piteous corpse was pale as ashes. I hardly recovered consciousness after that sight. These sorrows make me old. Come shame to Romeo!

* My sweetest lady has given herself to blank despair. She says nothing, but weeps and weeps. She falls on her bed and then starts up again. She calls Tybalt and then cries on Romeo. Poor girl! I have to find Romeo to comfort her. I know, he must be at friar Laurence’s cell, hiding there.

* Oh, piteous predicament! My lady’s lord Romeo was even in my mistress case when I found him in friar Laurence’s cell. Is blubbering or weeping decent to a man? He had to rise and stand for Juliet’s sake.

* May God grant friar Laurence good health for his good counsel. What learning is! His wise plan has revived my mistress’ comfort. Oh, the day is breaking and the sun is rising! I hear lady Capulet is coming to Juliet’s chamber. I have to hasten and alarm sweethearts to be wary and look about.

* Next Thursday morning Juliet’s wedding is arranged. Perhaps, the gallant, young and noble gentleman Paris will make her a joyful bride indeed. Romeo is banished. He is out of Verona and only God knows if they can ever live a happy life together. I believe she will be happy in this second match for it excels her first”¦ Or if it doesn’t, her first is as if he’s dead. Living here Juliet is no use of him. She should marry the County Paris and it will be wisely done.

* Almost everything is arranged for Juliet’s wedding. Her father is too strict to her indeed. The girl is suffering from her hapless love to Romeo. And what can be done now? Cruel fate decided to make her beloved one a murderer of her kinsman Tybalt. Heavens, please, help my dear lady Juliet to make the right decision and accept her parents’ will. The County Paris is a good, lovely gentleman.

* The day of Juliet’s wedding is coming. My old heart is happy to see that my mistress changed her mind and seems to have been resigned to her new match Paris. She came from the shrift with merry look. She asked to leave her to herself at night. It’s a sound decision to have orisons and to ask heavens to smile upon her state as my poor angel thinks that she is full of sin. Prayers will smooth her sadness over her lost love Romeo and will help to gather herself up for her new marriage.

* Why, lamb?! Oh, heavy day! My lady’s dead. Juliet is deceased! It’s the most lamentable day. It has never been so black day as this. She decided to stay Romeo’s faithful wife. She chose an untimely death to rid herself from this second marriage. My Lord, let them to meet one day in heavens for the eternal life together. It is such a woeful case!

* Oh, heavens! New day brings new woes. The County Paris is slain, and Romeo is dead on Juliet’s sepulcher. My poor lady, dead before, became warm and was killed newly. How could she do such violence on herself? I would sacrifice my old life if only not to see my mistress bled.

* From here on only gold statues of Juliet and Romeo remind me and all of their poor sacrifices to imprudent enmity between the Capulets and the Montagues. Eventually, a glooming peace came into these two families, and it was made at cost of their children’s early tragical deaths. And there will be never a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

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