Chart Analysis Essay

Traditionally, charts constitute an essential part of research works, especially when a lot of statistical data are presented. At the same time the ways of the representation of the statistical information vary consistently and there exists a variety of charts and graphs which may convey various types of information and make it more comprehensible for the audience. In this respect, it should be said that different types of charts are used for specific data and information only.

In terms of example, it is possible to refer to the Figure 1, where researchers have presented information on the probability of a second birth by years since first birth, for women aged 25, 30 and 35 in Australia in 2000-2001. The researchers have used the line chart, where each specific age group is marked by a respective line. In such a way, the entire chart represents the linear comparison of three age groups of the subject of the research that helps visualize basic information the researchers attempted to convey to the audience. In general, the use of the line chart is not occasional since this type of charts is the most effective for the depiction of statistical information when the comparison of different groups of subjects, for instance, is needed and when the comparison has to reflect the change in characteristics or qualities of subjects within a definite period of time. To put it in simple words, this type of chart is the most appropriate for the given statistical information because it compares several groups and reflects changes in time that have occurred in these groups. The use of any type of charts would make the presentation of this information less effective and comprehensible. For instance, the use of pie chart would make impossible the representation of changes that can occur in the course of time in different subject groups, instead, it could only show the share of women at different age in the general population. Similarly, the use of other charts would also have considerable drawbacks.

In such a way, the type of chart used by the researchers seems to be the most appropriate since it conveys precisely the message of the researchers. At the same time, in spite of the fact that the chart perfectly visualize the message of the researchers, they supported the chart with the textual presentation of the statistical data and basic trends, which they have revealed in the course of their research. In fact, the researchers used the chart as a supportive tool, while the main message is represented in details in the text of their research work. This is why it is possible to estimate that the researchers the chart for the visualization of the textual information. Such a use of charts is quite effective since it contributes to the better understanding of the material presented in the research and facilitates the comprehension of the research, especially if the audience is not prepared for the perception of the research.

Thus, the chart discussed above is appropriately used by the researchers and its application is justified.

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