Claim Letter

Customer Relations Department:
On May 15, I sent a check for $ 500 and order for the white Sony laptop, style VPCYB2L1R. This laptop was intended for my current job.
The laptop came today. Unfortunately, when I opened it I saw that instead of being white it had the wrong grey colour and its specification didn’t answer the claimed description. Moreover, the monitor display was scratched. As a result my wants weren’t satisfied.

My job is less than four weeks off, and I’d like to settle the details of the getting well. And of course, I’d estimate a replacement order as soon as possible. If this action is impossible I’d like you to credit my account for the amount charged for this laptop in order I’ll buy a new one.

I am a contented purchaser and this is the first time I have faced this kind of problem. You can contact with me at …… I expect you’ll make a point of this matter instantly.

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