Clarity of presentation essay

Basically, the presentation of the research is clear and comprehensible. In this respect, it should be said that the use of tables contributed consistently to the visualization of the presentation of statistical information related to the study. Moreover, the use of tables facilitates the perception of key points of the study and enlarges some of them. For instance, the table 1 provides extensive information on subjects of the study and provides more information than textual representation the respective data. In addition, the researchers use effectively different fonts to emphasize the key point of the research. For instance, the use of italics facilitates the identification of basic hypothesis made by the researchers and prepares the audience to the perception of the entire research been aware of the original hypothesis made by the researchers.

At the same time, the content of the research is clearly conveyed to the audience. In actuality, the entire research is well-structured and each part and element of the research serves to back up the researchers’ hypothesis and meet the goals of the study. However, it is possible to speak about certain drawbacks, such as the lack of critical evaluation of limitations of the study, which the researchers, intentionally or not, omitted. The latter naturally raises questions concerning the reliability of the research and actually let the audience to define the limitations of the study and critical evaluation on its own, depriving the researchers of the possibility to explain or justify possible limitations and flaws of their research.

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