Cleopatra essay

Cleopatra VII Philopator accessed the throne of Egypt in March 51 BC at the age of 18. Even more then 2000 years later it is obvious that she was beautiful, clever and very ambitious woman. Her co-ruler, brother and husband wanted to be an ally of Julius Caesar and Rome, but his sister left him behind. She became the mistress of Julius Caesar.  Caesar left his plan to annex Egypt and crowned Cleopatra as the Queen of Egypt. However Caesar did not want to make their son his heir and named his grandnephew Octavian instead.

After Caesar’ assassination the civil war began in the Rome. Cleopatra sided with the Caesarian party and refused to send supplies to Crassius (he was from the party of Caesar’s assassins).  In 41 BC the Second Triumvirate summoned Cleopatra to answer about her loyalty.

Cleopatra charmed Anthony, one of triumvirs, and became his mistress too. Enamored Anthony was a great conqueror, but he distributed new lands between Cleopatra and their four children. It was an insult to Rome. Soon the Final war of Roman republic began. Triumvirate expired and was not renewed. Octavian used the name of Caesar to obtain the popularity among the Roman citizens and army and invaded Egypt. The most popular version of Anthony’s death is that Cleopatra convinced him to commit suicide. Cleopatra committed suicide as well, but later, with the venomous snake’s bite.

After the Anthony’s death Octavian became the own ruler of Rome and then the Emperor. His son Tiberius was Octavian’s heir; it was the beginning of Roman Principate and the end of Roman Republic.  Caesar, Anthony and Octavian are responsible for the fall of Roman Republic, and Cleopatra is the only woman who took part in its collapse.

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