Coca-Cola essay

I have selected the coca-cola carbonated beverage as the tangible good product.

The recent news articles on this product tell about Christmas charity campaign. For example, popular singer Peter Andre joined the biggest free concert to raise money for disadvantageous children in Great Britain. In Taiwan Coca-Cola Taiwan Ltd. launches charity event to buy presents for children looking after by Chinese Christian Relief Association.Ā  Christmas charity is the old tradition of Coca Cola Company. Every Christmas Coca-Cola Company carries out great advertising actions. The iconic company ad “Holiday is coming”¯ is familiar to most people of the world. Even the popular red-and-white clothes of Santa are related to coca-cola brand color.

Other news covers the changes in the company’s management, new products and initiatives of the company.

The name “Coca Cola”¯ is a property of Coca Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia. Initially the recipe of this beverage included two natural stimulators: coca leaf and kola nuts. At the first time the name “Coca Cola”¯ appeared in 1886.

Now the company is the largest manufacturer and distributor non-alcoholic beverages in the world.

The web site of Coca Cola is bright; the palette is traditional for the brand: red and white colors dominate. At the web site visitor sees the current advertising action of the company, just now company proposes to sign up for the action today. Listing the images visitor can choose the needed part of the site.

Enter to the site takes a few seconds: during this time visitor can see the silhouette of the brand bottle and coca-cola in it. On the site visitor can download the latest commercials and exclusive wallpapers. Also customer can get information about coca-cola and other products of the brand. Here user can study the company’ activity in the USA and even search the jobs in company. Generally the site is very interesting and attractive for regular customers as well as casual visitor. However from my point of view some technologies on the site are outdated. I don’t like pop-up windows, for example, and I am sure that site of Coca-cola could be better without them.

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