Coevolution essay

The development of the humanity entailed great changes in the environment as well. The evolution of men takes place together with the evolution of flora and fauna. However, due to their rapid progress, people leave behind other species and thus, have a considerable impact on them.

The technological progress alters the rules of nature, and in the majority of cases, people oppress various species, leading to their extinction. It is a well-known fact that today the world experiences the global warming that has a pernicious effect on nature. Because of the increasing number of technological innovations and the human yearning for a more comfortable, and thus more automated, life, the average temperature on the Earth rises. While people are aware of it and are ready to forthcoming changes of climate, nature is taken by surprise.

The scientists remark that the global warming has resulted in the discordance of birds’ migration and nesting and food supplies. Confused by higher temperatures birds migrate back to cold countries much earlier than they used to do it. For example, American robins arrive several weeks earlier than they did before. It is natural that birds find winter conditions in the country and have to wait long for the melting of snow, being on the verge of starvation. On the other hand, even if birds are able to adapt quickly to the changes of climate, it might take some particular plants decades to accommodate themselves to new conditions. That is why birds have to search for new sources of food.

To make a conclusion, we can state that the rapid technological progress leads to considerable changes in the environment that in their turn result in the extinction of particular species. It is high time for people to think over the environmental issues and to take measures in order to stop the global warming and to save the nature.

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