cognitive bias essay

This time the supervisor faced quite a common type of cognitive bias it occurs when there are some negative (or positive) memories and impressions in one’s mind which make people do make false analogies, fixed beliefs about some facts or judge other events from the same point of view. Such bias is peculiar to all people. The supervisor has a bad impression about Volvo because his brother-in-law faced many problems with it. Indeed the supervisor does not take into consideration the reasons caused such a quick breakage of the car it is possible that fuel injection computer, the transmission and the clutch were broken because of incorrect and careless use (such reasons can broke-down even Mercedes or Porsche). Another fact that the exceptions can be met in the product line of each automobile manufacturer Mercedes, General Motors, Ford, BMW and many others faced such problems and had to recall their production if order to fix some defects. Moreover, the supervisor does not take into consideration the opinions and conclusions of experts from Consumer Reports which work directly with the owners and receive lots of information.

In order to reassure the supervisor it is necessary to help him redirect his way of thinking and abstract from his negative impressions. It will be a good practice to make a vivid table where Volvo vs Saab will be compared in detail and of course the quality of transmission, fuel injection computer and the clutch must be emphasized. Additionally it would be good to find Volvo breakage statistics because Volvo is one of the most reliable auto manufacturer in the whole world and such statistics will prove it for sure. It is necessary to discuss with the supervisor all advantages from buying Volvo and Saab using contrast and compare.

If nothing’s help and it is impossible to persuade the supervisor to buy Volvo because he considers it to be a very bad car then I the last chance is to convince him that Saab is a very bad car and apart from the fuel injection computer, the transmission and the clutch, my mothers-in-law Saab’s wheels peeled off along with the doors and absorbers. In other words it is possible to convince the supervisor that Saab is much worse than Volvo is.

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