College Essay for SALT program at University of Arizona

The Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center at University of Arizona offers large opportunities for students with learning and attention challenges to achieve academic successes and to integrate into the University community. I have a visual perception disability that raises substantial barriers on my way to higher education and I expect that the SALT program can help me to overcome all barriers and to meet my academic goals.

In spite of health problems, I was always focused on my education and I proved to be quite successful in this regard. However, I faced significant problems when I started to choose a university to study at. In this regard, the SALT program at University of Arizona seems to be the best choice because this program offers an opportunity not only to study at the university, extend my knowledge, develop my professional skills and abilities, but also this program offers me an opportunity to become a member of the university community. The latter is extremely important for me because community-based organizations can help me to lead a normal life as all other students do. I am really concerned with the risk of becoming isolated from the community because of my health problems and the SALT program can help me to tackle this problem. In addition, I plan to use the SALT services to develop my professional skills and abilities and my social experience. In fact, I want to take active part in the community activities with the help of the SALT program. What I do need is just a possibility, a chance to reveal my full potential and the SALT program can give me such a chance.

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