College essay

Anything is predictable. Everyone loves to hang out and to spend a really great time with friends when you are young. And sometimes happen situations that make you understand all the importance, these situations show us when we should stop and think what we are doing. I would like to tell you about the situation that happened with my friends and me personally.

One day, I was with my best friends Rique, Ferni and Franny. When we met, we decided to do something special to remember in the far future and to remember it when we are very old”¦and I must say, we will remember this day for very long time. Finally, after long discussions we decided to go to a party in Miami, Pincrest. It was nice day with a lot of expectations; we met new people and had fun with alcohol and new friends. The night was crazy and many things didn’t go right. And then, after the party we decided to have a crazy ride, after having plenty of emotions while communicating with new people. We sat in the car, it was approximately 3AM  and we were going very fast, obviously not fully understanding all the responsibility and nothing was clear at that moment. The only thing I remember that we were driving really fast on the Interstate 95, discussing something loudly and with emotions, and then”¦we crashed. It was horrible. We were drunk, we didn’t understand anything at that moment and we didn’t remember a lot about what happened at the party.

Luckily, no one got hurt much, we got a few scratches, and we were scared. When I got sober and got much better, I saw my bruises and had a terrible headache. In two days we gathered again with my friends, we were discussing for a long time what happened and what could have happened. It was terrible experience, although the lucky one and we are blessed to be alive and to understand all the responsibility on the road. We now realize and can imagine what terrible things could happen and we still don’t know why we were so lucky. I admit that we all were wrong and we risked our future too much. Maybe this experience was worth to be able to tell others to think before to do something similar. Because, as I know now – anything is predictable.

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