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Should the United State government have a say in what people eat?

ďCompulsive eaters are people whose hands or minds move toward food when they are not at all hungry. Compulsive eating has nothing to do with the size of your body. Compulsive eating has to do with how many hours you spend preoccupied with thoughts about what you are eating and what you look likeĒĚ (Carol Munter and Jane Hirschmann).

     People who overeat and are overweight think that their problem are because of the fast food cafes that are almost everywhere in the city. So they think that the Government should control their amount, thus it must regulate what people eat, and it will make the Government to take all responsibility on it. However, the government of any country strives to control it citizens in order to probably make their life better. But there are some aspects that cannot be regulated. One of them is the eating aspect. Government may limit the amount of fast food's cafes, because they really hurt human's organism and lead to the obesity, which is the problem of both children and adults. But, the Government of the United States of America must not regulate and control everything that people eat and even drink (alcohol drinks do not counts here) with the use of norms in laws.

The topic of the essay is the USA Government’s influence on what people eat. It is important to show through the paper what one’s opinion about this theme is; a lot of confirmed literature related to this theme is available on the internet. However, they can be just used as a support. People choose what will they eat and how much and when.

Each human has a right to chose what to do (when it does not opposite to what laws say) and of course what to eat and drink. People who overeat and have problems with overweight are likely to put the responsibility on someone’s shoulders, making their life easier in that way. Thus, only after that one can think about his or her own guilty.

It must be mentioned that some of the persistent illnesses and health problems in the world are tobacco (its use is the single largest preventable cause of cancer), alcohol (there is a causal relationship between alcohol and more than 60 types of disease and injury). In addition, there are blood pressure (raised blood pressure causes stroke and heart disease) and cholesterol (high cholesterol levels increase the risk of coronary heart disease). In recent times, some new health problems appeared, unfortunately. In many low and middle-income countries, access to oral health services is limited, which leads to problems with oral health, while in rich countries overweight and obesity take place, because of a big amount of different junk food and lack of time for having meal. One can say that the Government has specific reasons (that gave people) to be allowed greater power. They are obesity, problems with metabolism and other. However, a person is totally responsible for its health problems that cause food. Thus, the Government should not take the responsibility of people’s choice of food that can cause illnesses.

A person, who overeats, is seemed to consume much more food, than they need. An energy that the person expends during the day must to be filled up, but not over the norm. While Government can try to solve this problem, the rate of people who overeats does not decrease, in contrast, it even increases. Nevertheless, Government must definitely spend much time thinking about how the ration of each human cannot be regulated. Inactivity is the relative problem of overeating. That leads to increasing of the level of risk heart attack or stroke, depression, worse bladder control, weight gaining and other illnesses. The overeating can be compulsive when the obsessive relationship to food. The ways of struggling with this problem are such: individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and group therapy, which are seemed to bring benefits in helping such people to keep their appetite and eating habits in norm.

In addition, it must be admitted that the overeating problem worries a majority of modern people, because it harms.

The overeating leads to overweight, which is hard to fight and deal with. Physical activities should take place in your life regularly to avoid and prevent such problems. Traditionally, people, who have such problems, are more likely to be ill in other area of their body (heart, blood pressure). But it is said that stout and full-bodied people are less likely to be aggressive. Is it true? One cannot be sure. That depends on personality of person. Thus, not to have such problems, do not make it possible: do the exercises, eat as much as you expend your energy and eat slowly. The problem of overeating can be controlled by the government but it is too difficult, because much depends on a human.

The one of most serious problems of our country is overweight (or overeating, which is the cause of first one) health problem, which is definitely widespread in the world. Especially, it takes place in the countries with high industry and economic level, because there are no problems with food: it is different and various and it is a big amount of it.

People, who are always busy and working, have no time to eat normal food, to have a full breakfast, dinner and supper. Thus, they have to eat a junk food, which is available almost everywhere among the city. Great role plays how food is look like. It is believed that sensation is the receptor’s reaction on the stimulation while perception is the act stimulation interpreting. Gustation (or more known as taste) refers to the ability to detect the flavor of substances such as food and poisons. Thus, food, which can satisfy these senses, calls the appetite. That leads to an overweight problem, which people want to be regulated by the Government, not by themselves. However, the problem can be medical (genetics) or the self-control, not the Government.

In addition, in 2004, one research report has shown that 16 percent of children who are from 6 to 9 years old (about 9, 5 million) are obese or overweight. Further still, 15 percent were at risk of becoming overweight or obese. Next graph depicts environment influences through the time frame.

Current environment

 Past environment






Genetic susceptibility

People often think government can help only by limiting and decreasing the places where people can eat fast food, because it is not useful for human’s organism. The causes of obesity are such: factors of genetic, aspects of environment, nuances of psychological health, body image, lack of exercises, family eating habits, excessive snacking, fast-food eating and other. Surprisingly, the level of overweight children is increasing even in poor countries. However, their problem is not what they it, but that they do not eat enough, so this case can be regulated by the Government by sending them food.

It is believed that government should not and cannot control what people eat or drink. It is obvious that, human’s organism is only his own. However Duncan has found that two bowls of soup is about 1,500 mg of sodium and the 1,500 mg target proposed by the government is a completely arbitrary number based on the junkiest of junk science.

Thus, the grassroots coalition My Food My Choice has started a petition to send a message to government: leave health decisions to doctors and patients and food decisions to individual (2002-2010, pg 3, {}). The norm of calories per day that a human may receive can be stated in some articles and different types of media. But anyone must not be controlled in what he or she eats, but probably directed. Moreover, government cannot control everybody’s food in the fridge. Of course, it can limit some products, but some people will not be stopped with this, getting needed food from any other places.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I have written this essay because this problem is widespread among my country, I do not want Government to gain greater power limiting and regulating everything what people eat and drink, because it is only their privilege. To sum up, the U.S. government can just limit in some parts what people eat in order to increase the health level and decrease the rate of diseases. We should do something with our main problem Ēď junk food. The USA government cannot regulate everything that people eat and in what amount they do. Thus, it is definitely obvious that everyone cannot be controlled, but some products (junk fast food) must exist not in so huge amount as it is now. However, it is important to human to have the right to choose what and how much to eat. A human can be directed on the right healthy way of eating by the advertisement or posts, but a human must choose on his own what to eat.

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