Coming to America Essay

America attracts people from different corners of the world. It has always been so. The United States have always been ahead of other countries in economic development, especially in comparison with the developing countries or Third World countries. Though America witnessed different periods in its economic and political history, people from other countries considered America their Promised Land, moved to the USA and took their families.

I also thought America to be a land where dreams come true and where you can have a good chance to live prosperously. Therefore, when I was twenty-one, I decided to turn over a new leaf and went to America. For a wonder I did not think about any problems I could face there as if I was waited for in this strange country. It seemed to me I would get a job and an apartment as soon as I came there. Now I can’t believe in such light-mindedness, but perhaps it is because of such recklessness and riskiness distinctive of many young people, that I overcame all difficulties and managed to find my feet in America.

I came to the USA in 1979, when energy costs were rising and inflation mounted. Though Jimmy Carter tried to do his best to improve the situation, American population experienced problems. I did not expect to find America in such tension. I was a naïf young man, who had come to a wonderland. However, I realized that life would not be so easy, when I began to look for a job. Immigrants could get only an underpaid, very often dirty, work. And even for that kind of work I had to look for days. I spent nearly half a month and spent nearly all my money, which I had taken from home, before I found at last the job that could keep me.

For a long time I lived from hand to mouth but I understood that for me it was very important to gain experience and to win my boss’ approval. I worked in a restaurant and during two years I grew from a delivery man into assistant manager. I worked hard and was very concerned about my reputation. Certainly I made mistakes, but the masters saw my attitude and appreciated my diligence. I imbibed all the peculiarities of restaurant management and from the very beginning I set a goal to open my own restaurant some day.

Only five years after my arrival in America, I achieved my aim. I opened a restaurant and put into practice everything I learnt. I should say that these five years of my work in a restaurant as an assistant gave me much. I became a realist and a judge of people’s characters. Actually, it was a good school of management for me.

Several years later, when my business began to prosper I could take my parents and my sister with her husband and nephew to America. At last I could help them and be a support for them.

In hindsight, I understand that my arrival in America was a great event in my life, mainly because it gave me invaluable experience and helped me to reappraise old values and to become a successful businessman. America does not present people with success but it awards them for hard work and steadfastness in all troubles.

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