Communication Style Case Study

The effective communication style is very important because it influences consistently relationships between people and the position of an individual in the society. At the same time, people use different communication styles which may be effective in different situations.

However, the effective communication style is particularly significant when conflicts occur. In this regard, it is quite noteworthy to dwell upon different communication styles which may be used in situations when the risk of conflict is very high.

On analyzing the communication style of Rashad, it should be said that the psychiatric nurse apparently avoids the open opposition to Robin, one of the staff RNs. In such a context, it is possible to presuppose that Rashad tends to the conflict avoidance communication style because she does not come into clashes with her opponent. Instead, she prefers to sit quietly, pretending to obey to her opponent. However, in actuality, Rashad rather attempts to disguise her true intentions and plans rather than to obey to Robin. What is meant here is the fact that Rashad is not giving in to Robin. In stark contrast, she is overwhelmed with the strong desire of revenge, but, she prefers to hide her true intentions and she pretends to be obedient. In such a context, her seeming passiveness turns out to be a disguise, while, in actuality, she is apparently inclined to the aggressive communication style. At any rate, she definitely plans to revenge somehow on her opponent and Robin is likely to get the response of Rashad as the time passes. At the same time, her aggressiveness is not obvious but hidden that means that Rashad can act spontaneously and openly declare her position and opinion concerning any subject, but, on the other hand, she can control herself when it is necessary and when it is beneficial for her, but she never gives in and she is always ready to respond to her opponents. In such a way, her communication style is a bit controversial and may be defined as aggressive-passive communication style.

The communication style used by Pamela is, in a way, similar to that of Rashad, but still Pamela is totally deprived of any aggressiveness. In stark contrast, Pamela avoids any conflicts in her communication with other people to the extent that she does not want to make important recommendations to Brigite, even though the latter can act in a wrong way and Pamela will have to do some extra work because of Brigite’s poor professional skills. In such a way, Pamela demonstrates her strong inclination to conflict avoidance. Therefore, her communication style can be defined as assertive. In fact, Pamela does not attempt to guide Brigite actions, even though she is conscious of the fact that Brigite can do wrong. However, Pamela cannot change herself and her communication style. She cannot lecture other people or tell them what they should do and what they should not. Instead, Pamela prefers to act on her own, even if she does the job of another person. In such a way, her communication style, being assertive, is likely to lead her to subordinate position in the course of communication with other people. Such communication style can help Pamela avoid conflicts, but she will hardly be able to protect her position and stand on her ground, while in case of some contradictions she will rather give in than will keep opposing or attempt to revenge on her opponent. In all probability such communication style is determined by Pamela’s shyness and unwillingness to hurt somehow other people. Nevertheless, such communication style is harmful to Pamela herself because she is apparently not accustomed to oppose or guide other people.

As for Mabel, she is apparently inclined to the aggressive communication style. As the matter of fact, Mabel openly opposes to her boss, demonstrating her aggressiveness. In this respect, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that her aggressiveness is probably intentionally stressed since she demonstrates her intention to oppose to her boss, regardless of the difference in her position in the organizational hierarchy compared to her boss. Moreover, she apparently underestimates professional skills and abilities of her boss and she expresses her personal opinion directly to her boss. Her aggressiveness seems to be unstoppable, but, in this regard, it is necessary to take consideration the communication style used by her boss, Rosa. Obviously, Rosa uses is assertive and her passive communication style makes her defenseless in face of aggressive Mabel. In such a way, this example perfectly illustrates the extent to which the aggressive communication style can be advantageous in any conflict situation. At any rate, the aggressive communication style helps an individual to take a lead in discussion or argument.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that different people use different communications styles.

However, aggressive and passive communication styles have different effects on the process of communication and position of parties involved in communication.

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