Community and Urbanization/Health and Medicine

Traditionally, the health system existing in the US is considered to be quite effective. At the same time, it is necessary to point out that the US and global patterns of the US differ considerably and often it is possible to trace the impact of social structure on the national health and health care system and, indirectly, indicates to the level of the development of the country.

First of all, it should be said that the current situation in the US may be viewed as typical to a well-developed country. To put it more precisely, the US has a well-developed health care system, which is based on the effective insurance system. The latter guarantees proper funding of health care system that creates ample opportunities for the scientific researches and implementation of the newest achievements in medicine and pharmaceutical industry.

As a result, American people have quite a wide access to healthcare services.

In fact, American healthcare system is similar to the systems of other developed countries but it is worthy of mention that the role of state is minimal in the financing of healthcare in the US compared to European countries, for instance. At the same time, such a difference is one of the causes of the important problem of the low opportunities for the deprived classes of American society. In fact, the lack of the state support puts Americans that do not have or that cannot afford insurance in quite a disadvantaged position practically depriving them of the advanced achievements of modern medicine.

However, such a lack of access to modern healthcare services is much wider spread in developing countries of the world where, in contrast to the US, healthcare system is poorly developed and neither state support nor the efforts to create an effective system of insurance produce a positive impact on the national health of developing countries.

Thus, the US may be viewed as a typical representative of the developed countries where healthcare system is well-developed but the problem of total accessibility is still relevant, though the vast majority of population can benefit from the recent achievements of medicine.

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