Compare and contrast my life with my best friend’s larisa’s essay

Friendship is a strange category, because sometimes it is not easy to understand what puts two people together and makes them friends. Friends are not connected by family relationship; they are not connected by any bills, contracts and legal agreements, but still there is something that connects them. My best friend Larisa and I make a perfect example of such a friendship. Everyone, who sees us together, says that we have nothing in common. Actually, these people are right. We are completely different.

I was born in a bad family. My father had abandoned us before my birth and my mother spent her days and nights taking drugs and looking for different entertainments. Such an upbringing put a great mark on my lifestyle and outlook. I like parties and entertainments. I believe that every moment of life is valuable and it is stupid to waste it on hard work or studying. I like rap music and parties, enjoy spending time with my friends and hate when somebody tells me what to do. I like concerts and music and usually spend days listening to my favorite bands and going to some concerts in the evening.

Nothing of mentioned above resembles my best friend Larisa. She was born in a very good family with two loving parents. Being the only child, she is a center of her family. She got perfect upbringing and most probably will be able to choose the best college to enter. Larisa is interested in studies. To my great surprise she finds most of her subjects interesting and useful. She listens to rock music, which I find too loud and dull. Her classical style of clothes is an absolutely contrast to my revealing and extravagant one.

Everything mentioned above sounds like an insuperable controversy, which should prevent people from not only being friends, but also from communicating with each other. I must disappoint you. Larisa and I have been best friends since the age of 5 and I hope that we will remain friends till the end of our life. That is the best thing about friendship, to my mind. It is not social position, financial situation, clothing style and family background, which brings people together. Friendship is an inner feeling of being close with a person and it can not depend on any external factors.

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