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Nowadays, many people are having problems with viruses that attack their computers. In the current essay I will explain the main issues that the important information that has to be taken into consideration by PC users.

According to Danny Bradbury (2009), anti-virus ”“ is a software package, designed for effective protection, interception and removal of the computer operating system maximum number of malicious (or potentially harmful) programs. Currently, most of the leading antivirus software combines real-time protection (anti-virus monitor) and security features on-demand (virus scanner).

Real-time antivirus protection is started automatically during system startup and runs as a background system process, checking on the harmfulness of actions committed by other programs. Real-time antivirus protection scans not only the files on various storage media, but also the RAM on your computer. The main objective of a permanent virus protection: to provide maximum security with minimal slowing of scanned for malicious actions of programs.

Protection on demand is run by the user and, as a rule, is in full or custom scan present on the hard drives of computer and network files. Protection on demand produces a one-time scan of your computer’s memory. In most cases, anti-virus scanners are much more demanding of computer resources, rather than permanent antivirus protection.

According to Robert Fogelsong (2010), choosing anti-virus ”“ is an actual problem for the users of PCs. Which antivirus is better to choose? Paid or free? Some users do not use software to protect their PC. As a result, there are various glitches in the computer. In the best case the system will slow down. Computer slows down and freezes. In the worst case, malicious Trojans steal passwords and personal information. And the virus kills the system files. In most cases this will result in a loss of important information and reinstalling the system.

Do you know what means get malicious programs on your computer? Here are the main ones:

1. Removable media – flash drives, disks, diskettes.

2. Internet – malicious code is hidden from the user, installed on his computer while browsing. Infected files can be sent by e-mail or downloaded from the Internet.

So, we proceed to the selection of an antivirus. The job is not easy. There are so many different vendors of antivirus software. How to choose the one that suits you? Let’s try together to understand this question. The first thing to do is decide whether we buy or use a free antivirus. For selling anti-virus would have to pay the $ 20 or more. It all depends on the functionality of an antivirus company and manufacturer. Also, each year will still need a license for antivirus, naturally, paying money, of course. Free anti-virus – personal will cost the user almost nothing. But in terms of functionality will be paid. Comparison table between the possibilities of paid and free anti-virus can be found at any website of the manufacturers.

In my opinion, it is sufficient for home to use free anti-virus. After all, even paid antivirus cannot guarantee 100% protection against malicious programs. Then why pay? Let’s suppose that you decide to use a free antivirus. And then a new problem arises. As among the dozens of vendors offering free antivirus software, which to choose? In the Internet you can find a lot of different ratings. Almost every computer forum is discussing this issue. But there is no single solution that might be found. Everyone praises his antivirus and considers it better than others. Only you decide which one to use.

A person can ask his friends and take an advice from them about which antivirus they use, and which is the best. Have a look at their work. Maybe you will find the one you like. Or use another method – the method of experiment.

Download any free antivirus. Test your anti-virus on your computer. Look, if it loads the system, and how much memory is required. Explore the interface, the location of the menu. Do you feel comfortable when working with it?

Test the automatic updates of antivirus databases from the Internet. If you are satisfied – leave. If not – remove and take the next one. Note: never install a new antivirus program while not removing the previous one. The simultaneous presence of two or more antivirus programs on your computer can destroy your operating system. Be careful and cautious with your actions.

If you decided not to buy an antivirus I recommend you to follow such simple but effective advice:

1. Install free antivirus. There is no point completely abandon the products of this type. See the latest test drive, try a few products and establish the most favorite option. Considering the percentage of infection it will reflect that. You cannot rely on it completely. Remember: protection is never too much.

2. Do not work in a system with admin rights. Here I hardly told you anything new. This is not just lazy writing. For the work in 99.9%, is not required to use super user rights. Again, add yourself to this group only when it is really necessary.

3. Use the Run. Do not forget about such a useful chip as the “Run”. With this feature, you can forcibly run individual applications on behalf of any user. How do I use it? Imagine that you need to add your account to the Power Users group. Security in this case will decline slightly, but it also easily and naturally increases.

What are the most dangerous commonly used applications? To be correct, it is a web-browser. Hackers throw all their forces to search for vulnerabilities in popular web sites. Notice how frequently you update the same Fire Fox or other browser you use.

Establish separate account to run a browser (with minimal privileges) and the disposition program execution only on behalf of castrated account. There is no difference for you, but you will be able to protect your PC. Going to “dangerous” sites, you can pick up the virus.

4. Run only allowed applications. If your computer users are many people of different levels, the different case will be to try to make a list of allowed running applications.  This is a very powerful mechanism. Take the time and the right will be all set to completely abandon the anti-virus. And why is it needed if the application is the type of virus that is not allowed to run?

5.  Download software from official websites, instead of web-exchangers. Use torrents, read the VR-Online, and everything will be fine.

All in all, taking into consideration all the important advices and cautions, a PC user can feel safe when surfing the net, knowing that his computer has a good secure. Only carefully thought out actions and a reliable antivirus can help the user work and entertain in the internet without any preoccupation.

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