Concert Attendance Report

Once I was at the classical concert. It was the day of Chopin and also relaxing music of different performers. I enjoyed the concert very much, as it was impressive and unique. All of the people present at the concert had plenty of positive emotions. As a rule some people visit concerts, because the music reminds people about the past. There is usually a special dress code for people going to the concerts. At this concert some people were crying, because of a strong effect from music and feelings it gives. There is also plenty of thoughts and memories people feel during the concert, sometimes the presence at the concert helps people find out some important decisions, value what they have in life and remember important moments of their lives. I went to a concert to find out new feelings, to find inspiration and to feel better, also to remember the past and to feel the music. It was wonderful experience.

There were performed such pieces of classical music, such as Symphony No. 40 (Mozart), Violin Concerto (Beethoven) and Symphony No. 7 (Shostakovich). The concert style was in special atmosphere, performed by a pianist. There was a great variety of pieces played at the concert. The music was of different genres and its purpose was to show people the beauty of life. The volume was rather loud, the melodies were beautiful. Some melodies were pure harmony, calm and beautiful. Everyone was impressed by the performance and enjoyed the concert very much.

Going to the concert is usually a pleasant moment, when people value the uniqueness and try to find out something new and important for themselves through the music.

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