Copyright essay

The Act fo 1842 defines the meaning of the word copyright o be the sole and exclusive liberty fo printing or otherwise multiplying copies of any subject to which the word is applied (Hinkson, 1903, p. 7).  Common knowledge would say that a lot of things in this world have changed since 1903.  Copying print is no longer the sole medium protected under copyright laws.

According to Michael Einhorn (2004) economically protection of copyright makes sense considering, A large fraction of production costs must be incurred upfront, with considerable expense and effort to create and work up for market (p. 7).

Each of these industries (book publishing; music, sound recording and radio; movie & television; computer and computer software) to some extent has followed a similar birth and growth pattern: a new technology radically alters the economics of an existing industry, while giving birth to a whole new industry.

Industries change and so must the laws that govern the innovation and technological ideas that sprout from the change.  Copyright laws must be stern and rigid while still allowing for the flexibility to adapt to a changing marketplace.  As inventors create new technology they must conform to current copyright laws while looking into pending legislation that may hinder profits.  Profits may be further undermined when a company’s or individuals copyright is infringed upon.

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