Creative thinkers essay

The paper is meant to locate an article that addresses the idea of creativity in organizations and summarize and critique the article. I would like to discuss the article “Motivating creativity in organizations”ť written by Teresa Amabile.

The author shows the readers that the componential theory of creativity comprises three main parts that embrace creative thinking skills, expertise and inherent task motivation. The theory describes that when individual’s skills overlap with the strongest inner interests, the higher those three components are, the higher degree of creativity will be for that individual (Amabile, 1997).

Creative thinkers inspire other workers to do the best works or to expand own knowledge. Depending on the personality the degree may be higher or lower than others, individuals who are more self-sufficient, considered risk-takers, who preserve in the face of hardship and do not give up when things go wrong, yet attempt an assignment in a dissimilar manner will likely be more creative than other employees.

Expertise is an obtained set of cognitive courses, which will be followed when attempting to resolve a trouble. It will comprise the accurate knowledge about the project he or she is working on, a past awareness of the kind of work being done. Creativity may assist a talented employee in having a higher degree of productivity than somebody who is less creative in ways of thinking about resolving difficulties (Amabile, 1997).

If there is an extremely high degree of motivation, it will make up for any shortage, expertise or creative thinking skills (Amabile, 1997). “Inner motivation is driven by profound interest in work, by inquisitiveness, and enjoyment or an individual feeling of challenge,”ť so workers who feel happy at work, will wish to work not merely due to the pay check (Amabile, 1997).

“You have to do what you like and you have to like what you do,” according to Amabile, however, the large issue is how does one go about accomplishing this? The author offers that the worker’s work should match his or her expertise, the strongest intrinsic motivations and the creative thinking skills. Author asserts it is crucial to discover a working atmosphere that will let a worker have inner motivational focus whilst supporting the investigation of novel ideas (Amabile, 1997). Some of the things required for accomplishment the creative atmosphere comprise supervisory and organizational support, special work support groups, sufficient sources (materials and funds), challenging work so that interest is not lost and a feeling of liberty to make options concerning how or what to do (Amabile, 1997).

I actually liked reading the article. And it should be mentioned that when I was looking for the appropriate article on creativity I kept coming up with articles, which mentioned the last name Amabile. This is an extremely interesting article and I think any person who wishes to find the job with a certain amount of liberty and creativity has to get acquainted with Amabile’s work.

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