Crime essay

It’s common knowledge that problem children grow up into problems for the society. Three points of sale at the town market have been intentionally set on fire, including newsstand, grocery and Chinese food store. The investigation didn’t take much time. The policemen examined the victims and the witnesses and learned that the day before the incident a drunken young rogue had a quarrel with one of the salesmen. This salesman didn’t want to confess what the reason of the quarrel was. But when he was threatened to be examined as a suspect, the fear overpowered his pride and the truth was uncovered. The aggressive client began to outrage the Chinese salesman and his nation as well, shouted to him to go back to China and so on. The Chinese couldn’t control himself and answered in appropriate way, entering the wrangle and refusing to serve the buyer.

It was not a problem to find the criminal as he lived not far away and many sellers knew him. Fingerprints at the place proved the supposition.

The boy lived in a small flat with his jobless mother and his stepfather, both alcoholic. The boy had to earn his living by pinching passersby, but the stepfather took all his money or beat him. So, the aggressive boy with poor breeding and pitiful life conditions decided to release his anger by revenge to the Chinese, and fired the store. The flame threw to the neighboring points, but was luckily stopped in time.

The offender was brought before the caught and accused of a felony. As many human lives were endangered, the crime was approached even more serious. The barrister’s arguments of the blame of the Chinese, of the boy’s non-anticipation as well as his attempts to prove it was an accident, all failed. The convicted was sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

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