Criminal Justice essay

In this essay I would like to consider some general recommendations concerning criminal justice in the United States for the questionnaire survey. I would like to offer my ideas, my vision of the situation and different aspects to use in the questionnaire survey.

According to Burnham’s Introduction to the Law and Legal System of the United States, criminal justice ”“ is a set of regulations that establishes the basis and principles of criminal responsibility, determines what actions are illegal for the person, company or government, and also establishes penalties and other measures under criminal law. As a fact, criminal justice in the United States was formed and developed under the influence of English law of precedents.

Nevertheless, the United States – is a federal state in which there are federal criminal laws and local criminal laws.

These two systems exist in parallel, and federal criminal laws establish a liability for crimes that infringe on U.S. security (treason, espionage), as well as for crimes of federal employees and other criminal interests that relate to several or all states.

I would recommend the student group to review the history of criminal justice, the peculiarities of criminal penalty, criminal law, and consequences of these measures. There should also be reviewed the limited rights and freedoms of the convicted. Also, in the questionnaire survey can be used information considering punishment, as it represents the social consequence of crime, as stated in Criminal Justice Trends: Key Legislative Changes in Sentencing Policy, 2001-2010. As well, there should be reviewed the security of people who live together in society. Also, the questionnaire survey has to pay attention to the legal system of social life. Moreover, there can be reviewed punishment systems, which depend on social, economic, and political conditions. The accent also can be made on the culture and civilization of society, which reflects the level of morality. In the questionnaire survey can also be reviewed the economic penalties, which can involve the restrictions of freedom. Mandatory involvement and time limits of the penalties can also form the part of the questionnaire survey. I presume that the implementation of new technologies in the sphere of criminal justice and its consequences have to be included in the questionnaire survey.

Also, I think that it would be useful to highlight the facts about criminal activities, their analysis and competitiveness with them. In my opinion, this questionnaire survey has to be based on the issues, that will be beneficial for the society, and which will be able to point out the advantages and disadvantages of the whole system when the questionnaire survey is finished.

I would also give some recommendations for the questionnaire survey that will include the implementation of new technologies, innovative approaches and other perspectives in the sphere of criminal justice. I think that this questionnaire survey will be useful in analyzing and reviewing the current truthful situation of criminal justice.

I would also like to offer for the questionnaire survey to use the question about preferable changes in the future considering the criminal justice. These will include the opinion of people of different profession, which will point on changes, essential to happen in the sphere. Personally I think that in the sphere of criminal justice have to be made certain changes and improvements in order to provide safety to people. I am also convinced that the society has to pay more attention to safety and to the implementation of the new approaches of criminal justice.

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