Critique the textbook Frost, P. J., Nord, W. R., & Krefting, L A. (2004). Managerial and Organizational Reality: Stories of Life and Work.

My overall opinion of this textbook is a positive one. The text belongs to the technological   and scientific types as it is concerned mainly with technology information, the  labour market and the statistic researches. First of all I like how this textbook is structured and how the authors make the observations. There are some details which suggest the image of the labor market nowadays. However, I believe it should be used in conjunction with other materials. It is clear that the authors create the real representation of the business situation but there are not the satisfactory confirmations of the different kinds of sources.Generally, the text provides the guidance on the reengineering, the relationships between the individual person and the work team. The authors stress how the situation of the professional identity between black and white women is developed, how it is important to “provides simple and down-to earth definition of ethnical leadership”( Badaracco, J.L.(2001), “We Don’t Need Another Hero, Harvard Business School”). The text provides interesting and useful information which the businessmen can take advantage of their affairs.

Moreover, on the one hand I believe that the textbook is a necessary and beneficial resource for students of High School. But on the other hand the textbook should be more illustrated and should have more examples. Personally I would prefer to read the textbooks including more photos and illustrations, which confirm the authors’ opinions. As a matter of fact, my favorite readings were about black and white women and the struggle for professional identity, because I like how the authors present the main idea using the statistic facts and I like when the authors give the true-to-life descriptions according to these facts. Moreover, the authors try to look into the heat of the matter and from my point of view this matter is more pressing challenge nowadays.  And in conclusion I would like to take notice that my least favourite readings were reengineering the corporation because I am not fond of reading with any technological glossology. Besides, I think the authors’ points of views are not of interest at the current time.

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