Current Role of Telephone essay

The significance of telephone invention is of no doubt and is at least proved by the establishment of the Bell Telephone Memorial. At first, the ability to speak with people who are far away was already a great step forward for people. But of course, they were restricted to the certain location by the cables. That was a stimulus for the development of mobile phones, which made it easy to connect to anyone anywhere at any moment of the day and night. But by the middle of the twentieth century telephone business has become a hot zone. In order to stay competitive, telephone producers began to provide certain other services except speaking. From the very beginning mobile phones substituted and soon supplanted pagers (or beepers) from the daily use, as they included the function of sending text messages (John 2010, p. 118). Further, they were added by multimedia messages. What is more, most of modern mobile phones contain audio players, radio, graphics and other multimedia functions.

The Future of the Phone

As with each year mobile phones are becoming more and more comfortable in use, smaller and more intellectual, the improvements will probably continue to take place within these parameters. It is forecasted that in future phones will be so tiny that they will be hidden in jewelry or any other accessories. It is also widely supposed that it will embedded in the body or directly in brain so that there will be no more necessity to speak. The messages will be transmitted directly from brain to brain, and telepathic abilities will not be needed. What is more, the intellectual devices will probably provide remote control for life.


In this way, modern telephone is definitely the result of hard and devoted work of many people. In this or that way they all contributed to the development of this extremely important device and are all worthy of recognition for that. Telephone is no more simply a device transmitting voice in a distance. It is now something much more progressive and helpful. And that is obviously not the end.

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