College essay

Basically, the years I have already spent in college have produced a significant on my personality. In fact, I think that we are constantly changing as we change our environment, but the impact of college seems to be more profound than I have ever though it could have been. To put it more precisely, as I entered the college I have to change my traditional lifestyle and it is probably the most difficult and serious change. At the same time, I would like to emphasize that it is not only my schedule that has changed but even my perception of the world has changed and, to the extent, I have started to view myself in a different way.

As I started to study at college, I have gotten acquainted with many new people and I have got many new friends, which are very important to me now. At the same, I have realized that studying in college is not just a perfect time to spend with my new friends, but it is also new responsibilities. Even though before the college, my education was important to me, but it is only in the college I have fully realized the perspectives that my education can open for me.

Nowadays, I am conscious of the fact that I can acquire a valuable social and professional experience at college.

I cannot even imagine my life without college since it seems as if I have entered a different world, where I can really make my own life consistently better in accordance with my own interests and wishes, while new obligations, responsibilities and duties I have got in college are just an important experience which will be very helpful for me in the future.

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