Custom essay on Animal Rights vs. Humans Playing God

Today, the problem of the protection of animal rights is often underestimated because people cannot put animals on the equal ground with humans. The deep-rooted belief of human superiority and animals’ inferiority affects consistently the attitude of people to animals. Even though some attempts to protect animals from the violation of their rights and violent and often sadistic attitude to them have been already implemented, but they are not enough and they refer mainly to pets, such as cats or dogs, while other animals are still unprotected and they are used by humans for food, clothing, research, and just for fun, regardless of sufferings animals suffer.

In actuality, the position of animals is particularly dangerous because many species become extinct under the impact of human activities. The negative impact of humans on the natural environment leads to the extinction of many species because they lose the place to live and their nutrition becomes scarce. For instance, the expansion of farming and urban areas leads to expelling of wild animals from their natural places of living. As a result, they have no place and nutrition to survive.

At the same time, people still consume animals as food as they did virtually all the time throughout the history of the mankind. People take consuming meat of animals and other products that contain parts of animals for granted. Moreover, they cannot refuse from eating meat and fish because they cannot just imagine their life without such products. However, in the US, such meat-addiction has already provoked the outburst of obesity which has already become the threat to the public health. In such a context, the development of the healthy food culture becomes another challenge because people do not always know what healthy food and food habits are. For instance, some researchers (Fraser, Singer) suggest the vegetarian diet as possible solution to the problem of obesity and other health problems related to the poor food culture. They argue that followers of the vegetarian diet are healthier compared to ”˜meat-eaters’ on the premise that fruit and vegetables do not contain fats, for instance, which may have a negative impact on individuals, especially, if people consume such fats regularly. Instead, the vegetarian diet provides individuals with vitamins and microelements which they need for the healthy life and for the maintenance of a good physical shape.

However, the vegetarian diet is rather a pitfall than a salvation from the deterioration of the public health caused by the poor food diet. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the vegetarian diet cannot fully replace the natural healthy diet for humans. By their nature, people consume diverse products, including not only fruit and vegetables but also meat, fish and other products of the animal world. In such a situation, the refusal from meat and fish, for instance, will lead to the deficit of vitally important elements, such as proteins, which cannot be fully compensated by the vegetarian diet. Therefore, such diet is not absolutely healthy, although this diet may be useful for people with obesity and other health problems. As a result, people still are concerned with their health and they believe they cannot survive successfully without meat or fish. Hence, people carry on slaughtering animals for food.

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