Essay on Child Abuse: Possible barriers challenges

The resistance of parents to the intervention of health care professionals and social workers may be one of the barriers on the way to the prevention of child abuse. In fact, many parents out of religious, privacy or other concerns may be unwilling health care professionals interfere in their family life. Hence, they may resist to regular monitoring and supervision of their children by health care professionals. Therefore, health care professionals should develop tolerant programs that could be patients-friendly and not offensive in relation to parents’ values.

The lack of reports on cases of child abuse is one of the main factors that prevent the provision of health care services and help to children suffering child abuse. In fact, this is the major problem that provokes child abuse and prevents the effective intervention. This problem may also arise, when the suggested program is to be implemented because health care professionals or social workers cannot always identify cases of child abuse, while in-time reports can help to prevent child abuse fast and effectively.

The poor communication between health care professionals, social workers, community, and family members of children can be a substantial barrier on the way of helping children suffering child abuse to coping with their problems. In fact, this problem is very significant because the effective prevention of child abuse involves the close collaboration between different agencies and professionals. Naturally, they need to communicate with each other effectively. Otherwise, the prevention of child abuse will be extremely difficult. For instance, if educators fail to help children in school to cope with effects of child abuse or prevent child abuse, health care professionals and social workers may have difficulties with identifying such children. For instance, educators may pay little attention to the family life of their students and fail to notice cases of child abuse.


Thus, child abuse is a serious problem and many children have to cope with their problems on their own because of poor reports and ineffective intervention strategies. However, effects of child abuse are destructive in relation to physical and mental health of children. Moreover, effects of child abuse can occur in adulthood as well. Hence, health care professionals should untie their efforts with social workers, educators, community and family members to prevent child abuse. They should come prepared to eliminate causes of child abuse and help children to cope with their health and psychological problems, if they have already suffered child abuse.

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