Essay on Effects of Exercise on ADHD

. The effects of exercise on children with Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Author:  M. Tantillo, C. Kesick, G. Hynd, R Dishman (2002) Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 34, 203-212.

M. Tantillo and other researchers (2002) conducted the study of physical exercise on children with ADHD. The researchers focused on physical aspects of the impact of physical exercises and children. They noticed the decline in the activity of children after physical exercises, which they explained by the fatigue that children accumulated in the course of physical exercises. As a result, the researchers suggest that children with ADHD can use physical exercises as treatment of their disorder since they use their energy and may stay focused on specific tasks more successfully than children with ADHD, who have little physical exercises do. In this study, the researchers focused on physical exercises without specification or elaboration of specific system of physical exercises that could have been more effective than others.

4. How does exercise benefit performance on cognitive tests in primary-school pupils?  Author:  Liam J. B. Hill, Justin H. G. Williams, Lorna Aucott, Jenny Thompson, Mark Mon-Williams Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology Original Article (2011) pp. 630-635.

L.J.B. Hill and other researchers (2011) conducted the study of physical exercises in praimry-school children. The researchers focused on the study of cognitive effects of physical exercises on children with ADHD. However, the authors fail to prove accurately that positive changes they have uncovered in children with ADHD in terms of their behavior and learning are the result of physical exercises specifically, but not the result of the learning, for instance. In addition, the authors focused on the primary-school children with ADHD solely, while the effect of suggested physical exercises on children of other age groups is still unclear.

5. Old and New Controversies In The Alternative Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Author: Neal L. Rojas, Eugenia Chan Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews (2005) 11, pp.116-130.

Neal L. Rojas (2005) focused on the study of effects of alternative treatments, including physical exercises on ADHD. The author focused on the critical analysis of effects and methods of treatment such as physical exercises. In fact, the researcher turns out to be very skeptical in regard to physical training and exercises as an effective method of treatment of ADHD because the author points out possible impact of medication and the mainstream treatment that could have given the positive effect, rather than alternative treatments, such as physical exercises, that have improved the condition of children with ADHD.

6. Clinical Study Multimodal Behavior Program for ADHD Incorporating Yoga and Implemented by High School Volunteers: A Pilot Study Authors:  Sanjiv Mehta, Vijay Metha, Sagar Metha, Devesh Shah, Ashok Motiwala, Jay Vardhan, Naina Metha, and Devendra Mehta International Scholarly Research Network  ISRN Pediatrics Vol. 2011, Article ID 780745, 5 pages 1-5.

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