Еssay on Globalization

The topic of globalization is extremely of current importance today, and doesn’t mean that the process of globalization as itself began just few years ago. Its origins go up to 60s of the twentieth century. It’s quite another matter that we can criticize globalization, dispute categorically against it or support it but we could hardy stop it or even temporarily interrupt it.

So to begin the development of the topic lets first define the meaning of the term “globalization”. There several points of view on this issue so I will try to sum them up to one unified meaning. The phenomenon of Globalization can be described as set of processes which unify a reorganization in the organization of relations in society and bargains, such reorganization or transformation can be imagined as interregional or transcontinental streams and networks of activity, cooperation and power. There are four types of alterations which can be observed. At first it is widening of social, political and economic activities across borders, the whole continents and of course regions. For the second it is remarkable intensive increase in such spheres as trade, finance, investment, culture, migration and so on. The third alteration is acceleration of such processes and interactions as evolution and development of global systems of communication, transport, grows the rate of the distribution of ideas, information, goods, capital and people. Finally the forth change is expressed in the tendency that the increasing  tenseness, extensity and velocity of all-world interplays can be connected with their deepening influence in a way that the result of faraway events can be highly significant somewhere else and particular local developments can come to have important global results.

It is difficult to say unambiguously globalization: is it good or bad? On my opinion it depends on the way it will be dirigible or let move as it might. In the first case we will get the global integrated and unified world economy that at the same time has its regional peculiar features. In the second one we would hardly get what we expect as there will be uncontrolled disaster of global environmental catastrophe, overproduction in those branches of industry that are of the all-world need.

Globalization has perilous and not pretty dark side. And as well it is also able to bring colossal opportunities, advantages and profits. As contemporary capitalism demands a network of administrative systems to secure it from absorbing societies, globalization demands vigilance and the power of law.

The fast moving process of globalization raises one very serious problem: our world consists of about two hundred countries with different rates and levels of development, different cultural and historic traditions. Does globalization take them all into account? Does it take them into account at all? I don’t think so. From this point globalization figures as inexorable process governed by those who has power and influence on the world arena, and they set on the first place their own interests, and it is natural. So there is a danger for the developing countries to be devoured by “senior brothers” as the charge adjuncts.

As it can be concluded, there hard to give a simple appraisal to a complex matter of globalization.

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