Essay on Hockey Fighting Banned

Hockey fighting helps players to release their stress and tension. As hockey players suffer enormous stress during the game, they need the release of their emotions and fighting helps them to do so. Otherwise, the steady accumulation of stress would undermine their physical and mental health. In such a way, hockey players need hockey fights to avoid stressors and to maintain stable physical and psychological shape. The accumulation of stress may lead to depression and other dangerous conditions. At the same time, hockey is active sport and players are in regular conflicts with each other. Therefore, they cannot always play fairly, while fights can help players to resolve disputes fast and till the end of the game.

Enforcers comprise an integral part of the team. They are essential to keep the game of two teams balanced. Otherwise, a physically stronger team will just bully their opponents. At this point, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the hockey fight is the fair and open fight. However, hockey is active and tough sport. This means that players can injure each other severely without an open fight. Hence, the ban of hockey fighting can increase the risk of intentional injuries, which players may cause to each other in the course of the game. In such a way, players are likely to injure their opponents in the course of the game to revenge or just to release their emotions, if hockey fights are banned. At this point, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that such injuries may be much more dangerous than hockey fights. In fact, the most dangerous and serious injuries occur, when players are unprepared for the attack. Therefore, the ban of hockey fights is likely to lead to the opposite results, which opponents of hockey fights want to achieve. In fact, the ban of fights will provoke more severe injuries than hockey fights. Consequently, the hockey fighting cannot be banned because hockey players will pay their health, while the public will receive a plausible game, where players seem to be playing fair game without fights, but, in actuality, they will fight secretly during the game.

Finally, hockey fighting is not a fancy of some players or hockey managers. Instead, hockey fighting is the result of many years of evolution of hockey in North America. Today, NHL come up with enforcers and strictly regulated hockey fights. Hockey fights is not the most dangerous thing in the contemporary hockey, compared to enormous stressors and inhuman physical pressure on players in the course of workout and games. At the same time, hockey fighting helps players to resolve their conflicts fast and fair, while players release their stress and emotions that save their psychology from being overloaded with stressors. Thus, hockey fighting cannot be banned because the ban will spoil the game and undermine physical and mental health of players.



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