Еssay on I, Robot

I, Robot is the movie that will occupy one of the central places in the exhibition named Technologies Out of Control. Basically, this film perfectly meets the major goal of the exhibition to demonstrate the view of contemporaries on human future in the context of the development of new technologies and their impact on human life. This is why the film about the clash of machines and humans will be a good exhibit that will definitely attract the audience and help better understand the major idea of the exhibition.

Speaking about this film and its significance for the exhibition, it should be said that this film provides an opportunity to look in the nearest future of humans when technologies will be developed to the extent when elementary human labor will be unnecessary. Instead, human workers will be substituted by machines, robots, which would perform basic functions meeting the needs of their masters. It is quite symbolic that in the high technological world when robots are a part of the reality the main character of the movie has practically paranoid fear of robots. He is extremely apprehension and he attempts to avoid robots by all means, though he could succeed in this respect because robots are practically everywhere.

At the same time, his fear seems to be inexplicable since robots are considered to be absolutely safe and even friendly in relation. At any rate, humans can totally control their creatures. This is the position of practically all characters of the film, but the main character. This fact is very important because the director of the film apparently attempts to put introduce this story into the contemporary context. What is meant here is the fact that the contemporary society practically does not care about the impact of the rapid development of new technologies on the life of people. In fact, nowadays, the technological progress seems to be unstoppable and, in such a situation, the director of the film wants to warn contemporary people about the possible danger of such careless attitude to the development of new technologies.

Obviously, the image of the contemporary society may be easily traced in the society of 2035 depicted in the film. At the same time, the film shows that people should pay more attention to the possible effects of their actions since technologies may be dangerous if they go out of human control as it happens in the film. The robot starts to kill people and gradually the situation grows more and more dangerous to people because robots attempt to establish their control over human, they try to fulfill the major function to maintain perfectness in the world and humans are far from a perfect ideal that make them inferior compared to robots.

Such a situation may be interpreted as a metaphorical representation of the current strife of humans for permanent improvements and probably the author indicates to the fact that human should primarily improve themselves before attempting to improve their environment with the help of new technologies. In such a context, the rebellion of robots proves the extent to which humans were error when they created these machines. At the same time, it also proves the fact that technologies whatever perfect they are can be extremely dangerous and the more advanced the technologies are the more dangerous they can be if they go out of control.

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