Essay on Intervention Plan

The contract involves my obligations to improve my communication style and to minimize the interruptions of my interlocutors. In fact, I should take the responsibility in face of my self and my honour to improve my communication style and to stop interrupting other people in the course of the conversation. This obligation will be enhanced by my positive motivation, which includes the wider career opportunities that may arise, if I improve my communication style. At the moment, I am fully aware of the fact that the successful career is possible on the condition of the effective communication. If I fail to communicate effectively, then I can hardly succeed in my professional career.

My friend George will support me in my efforts to cope with my problem, at any rate, he is one of the few persons, who can afford my regular interruptions. At any rate, he can listen to me and I hope to learn to listen to him since in a few words he can tell a lot. The support of my friend is very important for me because he will take responsibility of assisting my in terms of monitoring over my conversation style. George will track changes in my behaviour and communication style and inform me regularly on these changes. He will support me and provide me recommendations on the improvement of my communication style and elimination of negative patterns from my behaviour during the communication process.

The breach of the contract from my part leads to my agreement to refuse from a trip I planned on my next vacations. This restrictive measure is essential to keep me motivated and to enhance the implementation of my intervention plan. The breach of contract is very important because, if I do commit the beach of contract, I will actually fail the entire intervention plan. If other parties (my interlocutors) breach the contract, i.e. start interrupting me and behaving aggressively, I may feel free of my obligations defined by this contract for the time of the specific conversation.

Intervention data

The next two weeks revealed certain improvements in my behaviour patterns, although I could not tell that my behaviour has changed point blank. In fact, my self-control did not work well and I have to ask for help of my friend and to implement more critical thinking and analysis to improve my communication style. The first two weeks brought insignificant changes, although there was certain improvement in my communication style. At any rate, by the end of week two, my communication style has become affordable for other people.

Two more weeks of intervention data collection have revealed more positive changes and the elaboration of stable positive behavioural patterns. In fact, after the fourth week, I could definitely conclude that positive behavioural patterns prevail in my communication style. In such a way, my communication style has started to improve and positive behavioural patterns have been already integrated in my communication style. On the other hand, I still have to work hard on the improvement of my communication style. The following graph shows the changes that have occurred within four weeks:

Graphic 1


Weeks one and two were characterized by the prevalence of poor communication, when I slipped to interrupting my interlocutors. Weeks three and four marked the transition to a more positive communication style, when the larger part of communication patterns were positive and effective. Positive changes have had positive impact on my communication style.


Thus, on analyzing my intervention plan and its implementation, I can conclude that basically, the plan was successful. At any rate, after four weeks of the implementation of the plan, I have noticed positive changes in my behaviour. More important, positive behavioural patterns now prevail and I do not need as much motivation and enforcement as I used to need before I have elaborated and started to implement the intervention plan. At the same time, changes, which have occurred to my behaviour, are definitely positive and I will carry on working on the further improvement of my behaviour and communication.


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