Еssay on Labor Economics of Sport

Football and baseball are apparently different sports that naturally affect the training process of sportsmen. In fact, the major goal of NFL players is the physical strength and the general high level of the muscle mass of their body.

This means that their weight, especially muscle weight is consistently more important than there speed, for instance, or the accurateness of their actions. In the case of baseball players the situation is the contrary. They need to have fast reaction, good speed and they must be accurate. These are probably the major physical qualities of a good baseball player. In the result of such a significant difference in the basic characteristics an NFL player and a baseball player should possess, they naturally have a different training. Hence NFL players may more attention to their muscle and need to spend more time in gym gaining their muscle weight and strength, while baseball players should practice more strikes and play on the pitch at large, where they spend the major part of their training.

Basically, tournament-style wages are considered effective in individual sports, such as tennis for instance. In team-sports such as baseball this style will be ineffective because of several reasons. Firstly, different players in the team play on the different level, i.e. some play better, others worse. Hence, it is necessary to grade their wages in accordance with their level of play, while some players may not even take a part in the game and they need to receive wage respective to their contribution to the success of a team. Furthermore, a player, even a very good and valuable one, may got an injury and miss the final game for instance. In such a situation, the tournament-style wages can lead to his exclusion from the reward because he did not play the final game that is apparently unjust.

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