Essay on McDonald’s Inc.

it is possible to say that one of the main company’s principles (the result of strategic activity) is the right employee motivation program. A fundamental aspect of the philosophy of personnel management in McDonald’s is to impart a sense of pride to employees for good work and appreciate their achievements. The company has the advanced procedures for evaluating and rewarding their team members. The employees receive instructions on how to perform the tasks, which they do not know how to perform properly. Poor workmanship is rarely a cause for dismissal. This measure is used as a last resort and reserved for such serious violations as rudeness to a customer or theft. In order to improve the results of labor, the company generally utilizes the following rule: the best reward and the best penalty is money. On this basis, it is not difficult to encourage the employees, as well as the company’s workflow. This rule is not written down anywhere, but it works in practice. Employees understand why they need to work better ”“ for example, to get another salary at the end of the year or step up and win the competitions held during work operations. The employees purchase the company’s products at half price.

Furthermore, McDonald’s always promotes their employees through different effective and practical ways. The company applies promotion programs and competitive salary, diligence, commitment. In turn, motivation and results are always rewarded by the company. The valuation takes many forms, ranging from the pleasant words of thanks for a job to a wide recognition in the framework of “Employee of the Month.” Besides, the company provides a huge number of various incentives, including free meals, goods and gift certificates.

In addition to the above-mentioned information, it is possible to add that the company’s instructors, as well as all the employees, work in the kitchen and the hall. That is, they are both superiors and subordinates at the same time, and work together with the company’s employees. All the fast food restaurants have the same counters, tables and kitchen, they differ only in size.

The system is built so that the employees themselves find a common language with each other. When hiring people, the company gives preference to interesting, friendly, sociable, and purposeful persons. The secret of McDonald’s popularity is its availability, low prices and good customer service.

The rules by which McDonald became popular and well-recognizable with the crowds may become the rules of success for any operating company.

Thus, we can determine that the key strategic priorities of the company are considered to be the following ones:

  • Ensuring the stable growth;
  • Impeccable customer service;
  • Maintaining the status of the effective and quality producer;
  • Improving the staff qualification at all the levels;
  • Maintaining the exchange of experiences between the restaurants located in different countries;
  • Constant improvement of the principles of the fast food industry;
  • Constantly preparing the new dishes;
  • Creating innovative new equipment;
  • Improving marketing concepts;
  • Progress in the organization of services and technologies.

Now let us pay our specific attention to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company.

Potential strengths:

  • A strong presence of worldwide leadership in the domestic and international markets;
  • The company owns the charitable organization “Ronald McDonald House”;
  • The company constantly improves the quality of the ingredients;
  • Some of the products have their own brand names: Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets;
  • The company has one of the most recognizable logos in the world;
  • The company is understood as a socially responsible one;
  • The restaurant adapts to the culture of each country;
  • Clients are provided with all the information about the nutritional value of the company’s foods.

Potential weaknesses:

  • Advertising is aimed mainly at children audience;
  • High staff turnover;
  • The restaurant will have to do something about the growing popularity of natural food ingredients;
  • Price competition with competitors constantly threatens the company’s profits;
  • Lack of innovative products.

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