Еssay on Possible Causes of Global Warming

Environmental problems, especially if we speak about global warming, which are caused by the use of gas and oil in transport sector and industry, grow with each year. During the last 100 years people have produced a lot of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide and as a result of it the average temperature has warmed up by over half a degree. Burning fossil fuels, such as oil, coal and gas influences our atmosphere and so the responsibility for the global warming in the 20th century lies on people. Nowadays the air surrounding the earth has become much warmer because the heat can’t go back into space. Extra greenhouse gases increase the greenhouse effect. Burning fossil fuels is not the only source for extra greenhouse gases. While driving cars and cutting down forests people also heighten their contents in our atmosphere.

Nowadays the global warming pollution has reached a very high point because of the economic expansion. Rich countries build their factories and plants in Third World countries and they pollute the environment. People do not worry about harm of the toxic waste of their factories; they only try to find the way to make production cheaper. In Third World countries the technological process is not controlled properly and it is rather easily to use equipment that is cheaper but more harmful for the environment and some people take this opportunity.  “The climate forecasting challenge is to predict the rate of change of global temperature, based on the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide. From a purely statistical standpoint, we do not have the data to do this. The current level of atmospheric carbon dioxide is quite high, even relative to a quarter century ago” (Kling).

The main problem today is the fact that people lead consuming way of life. It gives the impression that people do not think about their future and their children’s future. Nature is being destroyed, water and air pollution is increasing every day, the use of energy is great, although we know that it releases carbon dioxide and so causes the global warming. We can stop this process because we can control the way we use our energy and reduce the pollution of our atmosphere. Still there is the way out and we must use our chance. People can use buses and trains instead of cars, as they house more people. Using bicycles is also a good decision because it is healthy transportation and does not create pollution of our atmosphere. Bicycle is especially useful for short journey so try to avoid using car in such cases.

Every person can do something and only then we all can overcome these global difficulties. Encourage your parents to share their trips with other people and drive slowly as it reduces the production of carbon dioxide. You can save energy at home. For example, turn off the light when you don not need it and you will save energy. If everybody acts in such a way, we will need less energy, coal and gas. In this way less carbon dioxide will be produced. (Natural Resources Defense Council)

Only during the 20th century sea level has increased by a quarter and it is only the beginning. For the past 100 years sea level has been rising about 2 mm each year and the end of the century changes are evident. The melting of ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland will rise sea level in the 21st century (Holt, 315). Consequences of this process may be terrible ”“ some towns and even countries will be flooded.  All in all it’s only scientists’ predictions and they won’t come true if we stop the pollution of our environment but most people agree that the global warming will take place in the 21st century. Scientists predict that the speed of changes will be fast, much faster then the speed of other natural changes that have taken place in our history. A lot of people are not in earnest about the global warming and doesn’t pay much attention to this problem but I think that it’s just the right time to be careful and attentive and stop jokes with nature. Consequence of the enhance of global warming will be not just dangerous. Global warming endangers human life and this problem requires immediate solution.

The solution of the coal problem is of current importance for every government. Among all the fossil fuels coal is one of the most carbon-intense and it is necessary to reduce the usage of coal. The government can do it with the help of renewable energy and efficient-energy technologies and it can be one of steps towards the solution of the greenhouse effect problem. It is necessary to invest in these technologies and so we will be able to transform coal into a clean-burning gas and so reduce the pollution from the one of dirtiest fuels.

Nuclear power stations create the greatest threat to our environment. The alternative way out can be the usage of natural sources of energy ”“ wind power, solar energy and others. Gasoline can be replaced by clean-burning biofules that are made from plants. The production of ethanol makes 4 billion of fuel a year and new methods of ethanol making from wastes of the farm can compete with oil on the market. “By 2050, renewable energy and biofuels could meet a significant chunk of our energy needs” (Koffer).

Growing of oil consumption becomes a natural effect of the economic development. The use of oil in transport industry has negative effect on the surrounding. Energy efficiency is a key point of dealing with problem of natural resources and environmental protection. Energy efficiency can help to resolve not only the problems of transportation sector, but also any other sectors where energy of gas or oil is used.

The solution of global problem requires joint operation of the government of the country, companies and all people.

It is practically impossible to cut global warming pollution without active governmental participation. “The national debate over what to do, if anything, about the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has become less a debate about scientific or economic issues than an exercise in political theatre. The reason is that the issue of global climate change is pregnant with far-reaching implications for human society and the kind of world our children will live in decades from now” (Taylor). There must be traced out a concrete scenario of concrete actions.

Of course, it is impossible to reach success without governmental help and support. The problem of global warming touches all people and so in December 1997, the United Nations passed the Kyoto Protocol, which aimed to strengthen the international response to the global warming and climate changes. All the countries have main targets that must be reached by the period 2008-2012. The main target proclaimed by this protocol is the collective emissions of six greenhouse gases by 5% (Linden, 87). Governmental support and technology progress are necessary condition of the successful resolution of this problem.

The global warming is a natural process but its speed is forced by human contribution.  Scientists predict that by 2100 the average temperature will be 3°C warmer then today and it’s very dangerous because a lot of plant and animal species will disappear, people’s health will be much worse, the frequency of storms and floods will extremely rise, the global warming will be reflected on agriculture and economy of all countries.

Neglecting of people’s duties towards the nature has already had its consequences but if people stay so careless as now, their children and grandchildren won’t just have future. It is necessary for every person to realize that his contribution will reduce production of energy, oil and gas and so fewer greenhouses gases will the air receive. The Kyoto Protocol show that countries have already started to solve this problem but all in all the last word will be for every person.

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