Essay on Religion and Unfaithfulness

The current study revealed the possible and significant impact of religion on the marital life of couples and their unfaithfulness in particular. The study revealed the fact that previous studies had different results and the current study has proved that religion does not play a significant part in unfaithfulness of individuals. In fact, other factors should be taken into consideration that may lead to unfaithfulness. At the same time, the current study revealed the higher level of religiousness in females than in males but their religiousness was irrelevant to cheating and sensitivity of participants to cheating.

On the other hand, the current study also reveals the limitation of a one-sided, religious approach to the problem of unfaithfulness. Instead, the problem of unfaithfulness should be viewed from multiple perspectives since many factors may affect the behavior of individuals. For instance, the impact of cultural traditions, psychological peculiarities of individuals and other factors may play a significant part in the life of individuals and their attitude to unfaithfulness. Consequently, the further study of the problem of unfaithfulness is needed to uncover multiple factors which may affect unfaithfulness of individuals along with religion.  Moreover, the major limitation was a small sample size which could have failed to uncover the full impact of religion on unfaithfulness. In addition, some questions made participants feel uncomfortable during the study.

At the same time, the findings of the study give clear implications to the further study of the problem of unfaithfulness which may not be bound to the problem of religious background of families. In stark contrast, the problem of unfaithfulness is extremely diverse and complicated. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that findings of other studies actually contradict to the current study’s results in terms of the impact of religion on the unfaithful behavior of individuals. To put it more precisely, the current study has revealed the possible impact of social and demographic factors on the unfaithfulness of individuals as well as other factors since religion does not play an important part in cheating behavior of individuals. The sample size should be larger and participants should relax and feel more comfortable to provide fair responses. Further studies should also focus on other factors that may influence unfaithfulness, such as gender, social factors, and others.

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