essay on Specific Goal-Statements

  1. A farewell speech honoring not too popular manager at his retirement

I really regret that Jim has retired. He is a really great professional and everybody would miss him though I believe that he will be as happy on his retirement as he was working in our company and every member of our team believe it too. So, I want to wish him good luck and don’t forget us as we won’t forget you, our respected colleague and friend.

  1. A training session introducing a new evacuation plan

Today I am glad to introduce you a new evacuation plan for the building so since now on you will now what to do in an emergency and where to go if you want to safe your life. I hope you will appreciate the new plan since it has been significantly improved and now it is really the most effective and the easiest to use plan we have ever had for the building but without your attention to what I am going to tell you it will be useless since if you do not know the plan it won’t help you in an emergency.

  1. A kickoff speech for the United Way payroll deduction campaign

Being unsatisfied with the last year results, this year we have decided to increase our goal by offering payroll deduction for contributions. We hope that it will be quite an effective measure as our recent calculations have shown.

  1. An appeal to the boss for a new person in your department

I would like you provide our department with a new person. I think it will be very helpful for the department and our productivity will obviously increase so you will see it soon after a new person is employed.

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