Еssay on Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones is another film that should be included into the exhibition. However, unlike the two exhibits discussed above, this film should raise another problem, different from those raised in I, Robot and Terminator 3. Unlike the previously discussed film, Star Wars Episode II: Attacks of the Clones is a film that depicts very distant future and, at first glance it is hardly possible to trace any similarities between the present epoch and the epoch depicted in the film. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the world depicted in the film is technologically advanced. Basically, the film does not show any apparent problems concerning technologies that go out of human control, but, in the course of the film, it becomes obvious that due to the development of new technologies the mankind can face a new threat and this threat is not from the part of the machines that attempts to rebel against humans, but, instead, it is the perspective of clones wars.

In fact, this film raises a very important problem of cloning that became possible due to the development of genetics.

The director of the film shows that cloning gives human the great power but, at the same time, it exposes people to the great threat, the threat of using clones to destroy the existing order. Basically, clones represent evil forces in the film and, apparently, such a choice is not occasional because the director underlines the danger of cloning and its possible negative effects.

Obviously, this problem is very important even nowadays and the director of the film just gives an insight into the future and perspectives of the uncontrollable development of genetics and production of clones. It should be said that nowadays the question of cloning is basically refers to the ethical sphere, while the film shows that in the future this problem may transform from ethical into the problem of the survival of human race and maintenance of the existing social order.

This film is very important for the exhibition because it shows that the threat hidden in the development of new technologies is everywhere. To put it more precisely, genetics and bioscience may be not less dangerous than IT and computing, for instance. Consequently, people should be conscious of the fact that they are responsible for all scientific achievements and they should be very careful in their implementation.


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