Еssay on Terminator 3: Rise of Machines

Terminator 3: Rise of Machines may be another prominent exhibit of the Technology out of control exhibition. It should be pointed out that this film demonstrates far going results of the technological progress. Unlike I, Robot, this film shows that machines, being once created by humans cannot only attempt to rebel and control human race, but, what is more, they can gain the total control over the entire planet and even travel in time to eliminate human race and the main representatives of humans who could be the most dangerous for them. In fact, this film demonstrates that technologies which can be developed in the future due to the contemporary achievements in the modern science can directly affect people not in the distant future but right at the moment.

The plot of the film is actually the logical continuation of the previous episodes of Terminator trilogy. The machines rebels in the future and to destroy their enemies, i.e. humans they attempt to kill the leaders and prominent personalities of the resistance movement sending the Terminator into the past. It should be pointed out that the machines rebellion is not spontaneous or uncontrolled. In stark contrast, it is well-organized and controlled by the Skynet which is able to control all the machines. In fact, the machines want to eliminate humans as the opposition power and as a rival to their supremacy in the entire world.

Obviously, this film is very important for the exhibition because it perfectly illustrates the scale of the possible catastrophe and the inability of humans to control machines. In fact, the film may be viewed as a warning to humans since it shows that the development of too smart machines is not as good as people get used to think. Neither is good the development of such systems as Skynet, which can be viewed as a symbol of the modern development of computing and IT, which can even more dangerous that robots depicted in I, Robot because this super computer is not just an ordinary machine but it can control all the other machines and, therefore, it can develop the entire hierarchy in the new world controlled by machines.

This is why this film should be viewed as a warning to people that even though nowadays they do not possess technologies that can go out of their control the threat is still somewhere nearby and the changes can come unexpectedly.

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