Essay on Theology- Christian Marriage

  1. 1.     Families are meant not only to care for their own good but also to care for and participate in society. What does this statement mean and how does the family live out these responsibilities.

Since everybody lives in the society, every family should care not only for its own interests, but also it should be a member of the society, representing its interests. Each family has to value the goods of others. Solidarity along with the common good should be obviously taken into account. Thus, people should not only raise their children, but they also have to contribute through their work to the society. For example, parents may try volunteering at their kids’ schools. Meanwhile, in fact, today almost all US families are becoming isolated, diminishing civil participation. What is more, lots of people hardly find time to spend in the family.


  1. What does Catholic theology mean when it calls the family the domestic church?

According to Catholic theology, each family is a so called “domestic church”, meaning that home for the family is sacramental. The families are believed to be small churches. Thus, the family, like the church, has its own duties, which are implied both to the society and to itself.

  1. Lisa Sowle Cahill, a Christian feminist theologian, has explored many different aspects of women’s lives. Explain two areas where Cahill argues that Pope John Paul II’ characterization of women is an idealization inconsistent with men and women’s experience.

Two areas where Cahill argues of “irreconcilable” differences are the following: women submission and absolutes in sexual ethics, reflecting several different presuppositions, for example, anthropological or philosophical and theological, and varying methods of reaching the moral normative.

  1. Elisabeth Schssler Fiorenza, a New Testament scholar, has done a great deal of study on early Christianity and Jesus’ relationship to the people of his time. (a) What does she tell us about Jesus’ inclusiveness of women? (b) Was this action radical for Jesus at this time? Explain your answer.

 Jesus’ inclusiveness of women is that every female has to be well- treated and respected, even prostitutes. Meanwhile, at his time ladies failed to have any rights, privacy and respect, being estimated only by their usefulness to men. When Jesus rescued the woman and her little girl, we can see that He rescued them even when they were unimportant in the society’s view. That is why it may be concluded that Jesus treatment of women was remarkable and commendable, thus being radical. Jesus thought that position of the woman might be valued and also recognized. Meanwhile, Jesus had distinctions by God, which were intended for men and women.

  1. 5.      Are active fathers the norm or not the norm? Explain your answer.

Active fathers are the norm in the ideal Christian society since they help their family and respect it. What is more, active fathers teach their kids and together they and take social-political actions. People have to be active and participate not only in family issues, but also in social ones.

  1. (a) What are the responsibilities of parents to their children? (b) Besides the parents, what is society’s obligation to children?

Parents must care for their children and do not forget to contribute to the society through their work. Meanwhile, kids, in their turn, have to take care of their parents as well. In total, there are 4 tasks in the mission for the family: love each other, serve life and church and take social-political actions, supporting the society interests. The role of parents is to define that mission to their children.


  1.  If children are to grow up into mature, responsible and moral human beings, describe the kind of family that is needed for them. Be practical and specific in your answer (no abstractness or vagueness).

In total, there are 4 tasks for the family, which consists of mature, responsible and moral human beings: love each other, serve life and serve the church and to support the society interests by taking social-political actions. These takes have to be defined to the children by parents. Besides, such family not only love each other, but also respect and value each other. What is more, the members of this family often spend time together, eating, playing, sharing their minds and helping the society.


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