Еssay on What is an American?

What is an American? You see, it is a very rhetorical question. Why? Because I can give you 100%, that you will not find an answer to this question. Who is an American? What is this? Is it a nationality? Or it is a style of living! We can discuss this question for ages, but the meaning of this word will always have different meaning. As we know, there is an Old Russian expression: “As many people, so many opinions”. In my opinion, an American is a kind of nationality with its especial unique personality. Their behaviour is so incomprehensible, that speaking about Americans; sometimes I can not understand them. They are good at business. Some people think that Americans have happy life. But is it really so? As I know, almost every American has his own dream to earn much money, and after retiring to go to the all over the world journey. But before the realization of the dream, an American should find a good job for many years, build a house, get hitched and raise children. As you can see, most of them have standard life, and if anyone does not meet these needs, he will not be called a real American. And do you think that it is an interesting, happy life? I think it is not. At least in my opinion, it is a bit boring way of life.

At the end I would like to say that I have written only my own thoughts as for this topic. Maybe I am not right, but it is only a discussion. And it seems to me, that my friends from America will not be in a huff with me, if they learn, what I think about them. Because Americans are really cheerful and kind people. And if we ask them: “How are you?”, an American will always say:” I am fine, thanks! Everything is OK!”

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