Еssay on Why did George Bush win the presidential election

Why did George Bush win the presidential election? Was the victory fair? If it was then why are the elections 2004 considered the most controversial in the US history?

It is obvious that it is impossible to give a concrete and reasoned answer, as officially George Bush has become the President of the United States of America. We can only suppose and express our points of view.

Is George Bush such a prominent politician that people put absolute trust in him and commit him to further political decisions? On the one hand, everybody blamed him for the war on Iraq and Afghanistan, due to which families were splitting and people were suffering. The War on Terrorism was considered Bush’s mistake and in general, he was accused of having no presidential skills. Still, the elections showed that these claims did not prevent people from voting again for George Bush. In fact, Bush was popular at the beginning of war when it was not clear yet how devastating this war was. He was named a “wartime president” and his popularity rating grew. In the course of war many people got disappointed by Bush’s policy, nevertheless during the elections 2004 many exit polls stated that Americans who voted for George Bush mentioned antiterrorism policy and moral values as crucial factors in the decision.

On the other hand, John Kerry was not an outstanding candidate and despite the drawbacks of Bush’s policy, he could not look a brilliant opponent. He did not manage to ward off all the blows of Republicans and it often seemed, as he had nothing to say in response. Indeed, Kerry is an eminent person with high moral standards and with great past but unfortunately, during the election campaign his image was not as persuasive as Bush’s one.

However, a great number of people voted for him and there is an opinion that Kerry could have been a president if the elections had not been stolen. Many violations were registered all over the country; in particular, the electronic voting machines caused the majority of troubles and grounds for claiming the elections unfair.

The election problems, the situation in Ohio State in particular, were carefully investigated by journalists, researchers who published many materials, claiming the irregularity of the elections. They list a number of facts that can arouse suspicion. Thus, Bob Fitrakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman in their book “Did George W. Bush steal America’s 2004 election?” draw our attention to the course of the elections. “Up until 11pm Eastern time on election night, exit polls show John Kerry comfortably leading George Bush in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Mexico, giving him a clear victory in the Electoral College, and a projected national margin of some 1.5 million votes. These same exit polls had just served as the basis for overturning an election in Ukraine, and are viewed worldwide as a bedrock of reliability. But after midnight the vote count mysteriously turns, and by morning George W. Bush is declared the victor.” (Fitrakis, 10)

Certainly, the Ohio issue became the most significant and provoked the sharpest disputes. The fact that Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State rejected to allow the international observers to monitor the elections seemed impossible but still it was apparent. The investigative reporter John Ross says: “Given what happened in that key state on Election Day 2004, both democracy and common sense cry out for a court-ordered inspection of its new voting machines.” (Ross, 2) Another problem in the same Ohio state concerned African Americans who complained of numerous obstacles that they faced while voting, including faulty ballots, malfunctioning voting machines or lack of them, long lines etc. It is necessary to mention that their votes were destined for John Kerry and could drastically change the result of elections.

Analyzing this situation and taking into account all the researches, I am inclined to believe that the elections that took place on November 2, 2004, cannot be considered fair. It is obvious that the struggle was desperate and both candidates had thousands of votes. However, all the violations, which were remarked, give grounds to claim that Bush’s victory was not just.

These were the most controversial elections in the American history, which caused a great number of disputes. From my point of view, such situation must not happen in a developed democratic country and it remains to hope that American politicians will do their best to avoid such scandals in future.

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