Еssay on wireless network

The introduction of the wireless network raises a number of problems managers should overcome to introduce the wireless network successfully. In this respect, Kucera Clothiers have to  take into consideration basic issues that arise in the course of the implementation of the new wireless network.

Firstly, Kucera Clothiers should take into consideration the possible opposition of the personnel to the change caused by the introduction of the wireless network. In fact, the wireless network is different from the conventional network the personnel of the company is accustomed to. In such a situation, it is quite natural that professionals are likely to be anxious about the new wireless network because they may consider the new wireless network as too complicated for them. In addition, they may need additional training. In such a way, managers will need to prepare the personnel to the introduction of the new wireless network. This means that professionals who are supposed to use the wireless network should understand clearly what the new wireless network is introduced for, how it functions and what their benefits from using the wireless network are. Ideally, managers should involve the personnel into the development and introduction of the new wireless network to gain the support of the personnel.

In addition, managers should organize training courses to implement successfully the new wireless network. Through training, professionals will learn how to use the full potential of the wireless network. As a result, Kucera Clothiers will maximize benefits from the introduction of the wireless network.

Thus, while introducing the wireless network, Kucera Clothiers should focus on the promotion of the wireless network among the personnel to minimize the opposition to the change from the part of the personnel. Finally, it is necessary to train the personnel to use the wireless network effectively.

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