Еssay proposal

Human are imperfect beings and often we want to change someone to make him/her better, but, in actuality, it is not always possible to change a person, especially if his/her views and character are fully shaped. At the same time, it is still possible to influence a person considerably and motivate him/her to change. On reflecting on the possibility of change, I think of a friend of mine who has not a very good habit, as it seems to me, namely, in the process of communication he tends to ignore the position of other people and, instead, he imposes his own opinion on others.

Basically, to change him, it will be necessary to change his communication style. In this respect, I could just attempt to convince him that he is not right when he insists on his position and totally rejects any other view that is different from his own. However, this approach may not work and, instead lead to problems in our relations as he could believe that I do not respect him. This is why I would prefer to make him think over his communication style and lead him to the understanding of the necessity of changes. To do this, it is possible to tell him a fancied a story about a person whose behavior totally resembles the behavior of my fried. The only thing I need is to change the name and explain my friend the extent to which such communication style is unacceptable for me in person. As we are good friend I believe that he will think over my story and change his behavior.

Anyway, I will have an opportunity to check whether my approach works when I just try to offer an opinion different to that of my friend in the process of communication.

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