Essays on 700 Mile US Mexico Border Fence

Despite all the arguments against strengthening the borders, there is an undoubted fact that the illegal immigration problem in the U.S. is very acute. In Arizona, the Border Patrol detains about 200 migrants a day, who decide at their own risk to seek one’s fortune in the U.S. Typically it is less than a half of the entire flow of illegal immigrants. The Mexicans detained by the Border Patrol after identification of their personality are subjected to deportation and cannot be held criminally responsible unless they committed other illegal acts.

According to the U.S. data, in 2009 661,000 illegal immigrants were detained on the border of the United States and Mexico; during the same period about 3.3 million illegal immigrants managed to successfully sneak into the territory of the country. Most of them are Mexicans, but there are also many immigrants from other Latin American countries, primarily from Central America (in the terminology of the U.S. Border Patrol, “Other Than Mexicans” (OTM)). The UN Office on Drugs and Crime published data showing that Mexican smugglers called “polleros” have annual revenue of about $ 6 billion, and this is only from illegal transportation of immigrants from South and Central America in the U.S.

Apart from the fact that the cities near the border with the U.S. have disrepute due to drugs, alcoholism, AIDS and all sorts of crimes which are the part of everyday life there, the main reason forcing illegals risking their own lives just to get into the U.S. is the same as in the rest of the world – job search. In point of fact, migrants take away jobs from Americans. Entrepreneurs do not need migrant workers; they just want to pay less. In America there are a lot of people who can perform low-skilled jobs, but migrants can be paid less.

The United States annually receive the number of migrants equal to the population of San Diego. Americans are losing their jobs, while migrants are working. They send to their country billions of dollars which could have been spent on the well-being of the American citizens. Of course, the U.S. needs immigrants but not in such quantity.
For instance, 44% schoolchildren in Los Angeles do not speak in English already. The Americans, who pay taxes and, accordingly, pay for education and health, are forced to take their children from schools, because education in such schools brings no results, which is not normal. Many migrants do not tend to accept the American culture remaining entirely committed to their traditions and their own interests.

While in 1960’s immigrants from Europe accounted for 75% of their total number, in the late 1990’s there were only 16% of them, while the share of immigrants from Mexico and Latin America increased from 9% to 51%. Currently, more than 31 million immigrants from Latin America live in the U.S. (excluding illegal immigrants who number several million).

It is expected that in case of such intense pace of immigration and high fertility, by 2050 Latin Americans will outnumber African-Americans and become the most numerous ethnic minority in the U.S., and Spanish will become the second most used language. It should be noted that the Mexicans number more than 20 million people (about 65% of all Latin Americans).

Thus, the influx of poor, uneducated illegal immigrants willing to work for meager wages has naturally caused quite a negative response in American society demanding from the politicians to stop or at least take under control the Mexican immigration. Many American leaders tried to solve this issue before the current President; however, as statistics show no one has so far succeeded in defeating illegal immigration. But America considers itself a country of hope and despite the skepticism about the effectiveness of measures to strengthen border security, the state should continue creating conditions that prevent illegal migration.

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