Essays on Arizona SB 1070 and Its Effects on Business

The implementation of the Arizona State Bill 1070 can and does have a negative impact on the development of local communities and business. In this respect, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the introduction of the Bill leads to the exclusion of illegal immigrants and their fleeing from the state. However, many businesses operating in Arizona were oriented on immigrants, regardless of their legal status. As a result, a number of businesses would run bankrupt, if the Bill is fully implemented.

Many of the owners of immigrant-oriented businesses in Arizona agree there is a need for immigration reform; however they do not think the new law is the most effective approach (Matas, 2). The illegal immigration threatens to the local labor force market and may evoke a number of social problems, including high crime rates.

On the other hand, many businesses are immigrants-oriented. For instance, some owners of businesses in Arizona point out that 95 percent of their business is Mexican and almost 90 percent of them were illegals (Zeiger, 4). In such a situation, the introduction of the Bill will have a disastrous impact on such businesses. For instance, the Glass Arts Society experiences proves that the Bill may have a negative impact on businesses and state economy:

As a result of the immigration law, the Glass Arts Society canceled plans to have its national conference in Tucson next spring, an event Philabaum spent 18 months and 900 hours coordinating with the local chamber of commerce, museums and galleries. He said it would have brought thousands of artists and up to $2 million to the city (Matas, 4)
In such a way, the Arizona SB 1070 has a negative impact on business and state economy and it should be replaced by a more effective law.


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