Essays on Assisted Suicide

It is necessary to say that assisted suicide is an inhuman action which should be forbidden in all the countries of the world. The physicians have no right to take lives of their patients because only God has the right to do it. (Smith 28)
If assisted suicide is legalized, there will be no trust in the physicians who will commit suicide. The physician in this case is a killer who does not care of moral principles and ethic norms.
Annotated Bibliography

Gorsuch, N.M. The Right to Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia. Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy. 23(3). 2000. Print.
The author of this article discusses the issue concerning the right to assisted suicide using different cases which took place in Washington and New York. It is interesting to know that Gorsuch tries to prove the fact that assisted suicide can not be supported as the right. He touches upon the legal history of assisted suicide and considers that this act should not be permitted. The author addresses to different philosophers and speak about principles of personal autonomy which could not make assisted suicide legal.
Rubin, E. Assisted Suicide , Morality and Law: Why Prohibiting Assisted Suicide Violates the Establishment Clause. Vanderbilt Law Review. 63(3). 2010. Available from:<>

The author of the article touches upon the theme of assisted suicide in the context of morality. He addresses the constitutionality of laws which prohibit this practice. It is known that the Supreme Court has already discussed this issue and the author of the article shows different decisions concerning the issue. The author also discusses the conflict between two moral systems which are absolutely different. The traditional system is against suicide and the new evolving system supports this practice. The articles touches upon the theme of morality and Christian religion and shows how Establishment Clause doctrine is represented in the human society.

Marker, R.L. Assisted Suicide: the Montana Supreme Court says Yes. Human Life Review. 36(2). 2010. Available from:<>
This article discusses the issue concerning assisted suicide and tells that the Court of Montana supported the practice of assisted suicide giving permission to the doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of medicine for the death ill patients. The author of the article gives full description of the case of assisted suicide and represents those people who were against it.
Smith, W. Culture of Death: The Assault on Medical Ethics in A merica. San Francisco: Encounter Books. 2000. Available from:<>

The author of the book touches upon the challenges of medical ethics namely the ideas of bioethicists. He analyzes the influence of bioethicists in the medical community. The author argues that our culture is developing into an absolutely new form of culture where killing is a beneficent action and suicide is a rather rational way out of the situation, where natural death is humiliating and caring elderly people who are weak and disabled is a so called burden of our healthy human society which requires a lot of financial and emotional expenses. The articles also represents a detailed information concerning the ways of treatment of death ill patients and tells that desired medical treatment of such patients is not guaranteed in the hospitals and nursing homes of the USA.
Palmer, L.I. Endings and Beginnings: Law, Medicine and Society in Assisted Life and Death. Westport: Praeger. 2000. Available from:<>

The author of the article, a professor at Cornell Law School, discusses the role of law in our lives and the role of medicine in our society. He also touches upon the theme of the right to die and expresses his own opinion concerning this issue. The author also pays attention to the role of physicians in the life of death ill patients. The legalization of the assisted suicide will have a lot of consequences. That is why this issue should be thoroughly investigated. The author describes different cases of assisted suicide in Oregon where this practice is legal.


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